Post-coital bleeding 6 months after LLETZ

Hi everyone,

I read many posts on here when was was going through the treatment for CIN3 and found it so helpful but this is the first post of my own. Hope you can help.

I am 6 months post LLETZ treatment and am awaiting my repeat smear results (only had it 2 weeks ago) - however since my treatment in April, iv been having occasional post-coital bleeding and also pain during and after sex (sorry if TMI). Also have random light spotting between cycles. Iv also got 4 swollen lymph nodes in my groins that have increased over the slowly over the past 3 months and one behind my ear (not sure whether it is related or not!) 

Iv left it until now to do anything about it (stupidly) and now worrying myself - I think it's that agonising wait for the smear results thats triggered it. I have been to the doctors and have had some bloods taken and am having some swabs taken on Monday and just waiting for my smear results.

Has anyone ever experienced the post-coital bleeding and the pain up to 6 months after their LLETZ? Any advice or experiences would be massively appreciated.

Hi, I'm due my 6 month smear next Tuesday so not far behind you. I had bleeding on and off for ages,mostly after sex. In late August I had it cauterised again which stopped the bleeding. But i feel achey and uncomfortable inside the day after sex and still have the odd bit of bloody discharge.and my period has gone from a regular 4-5 days to irregular 7-10 days. Sorry I can't be more help.