Post lletz pain during intercourse

I had my first ever smear (24yrs and 7 months) and results came back CIN3, severe (had results within 6 days). I had appt for colposcopy a week later. Results came bk 10 days later confirming CIN3. 

I then had lletz treatment and my results came 10 days later, again, confirming CIN3 and was told to have smear in 6 months time. 

I had discharge for 10 days then my normal monthly period. After my period I had a few more days of dischrge and then it all calmed down.

On saturday (4 weeks, 1 day post lletz) I had intercourse with my OH and was in so much pain i had to stop half way through and was suffering so much i actually was thinking i may have to go to A&E. After taking tablets and nearly being sick due to pain it supsided a little. I then had to take tablets for next day aswel due to pain continuing. 

Why is this happening and should i see someone?


Many thanks


Hi Holly,

hope you are starting to feel a little bit better since your post.  The advice given to me was to wait 6 weeks following lletz before intercourse but I do think info differs so please ont worry. I think I would personally like to see someone if the level of pain was so bad - could perhaps be an infection which if picked up can be picked up and treated really easily and no more pain!  Its such a worrying time anyway isnt it and its difficult to know what to do for the best but at the end of the day, if you dont feel right, go speak to someone xx

I didn't have any pain before intercourse on Saturday night. I was told 4-6weeks dependant on I was having none I thought it would be fine :( 

i feel alot better nowso just sslap worried bout trying again as the pain was excruciating!