Severe pain in right hand groin and leg and bottom of back!!

hi all!!
Really hoping someone may have any clues what’s happening with me or if others are going through this!! Basically I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in January 2014 and had a radical hysterectomy stage 2b2… It had spread so needed 26 radiotherapy and 2 brachytherapy as well!! Then was diagnosed with a brain tumour and was operated on in February 2015.
For months now I have been having this dreadful ongoing groin… Leg and lower back pain… It is more than 10/10, can barely walk… The pain is all in my right leg/ groin/back… I have severe lymphoedemia in my left leg and stomach!! The only thing that takes the edge off the pain briefly is paracetamol!! I am on a 75 mg fentynl patch… 50 mg of amitryptaline… 4 doses of paracetamol and hydrocortisone 3 times a day!!
I have to use a stick now as my legs give way and I am 37!!
The pain has been unbearable and is rife at the moment and when I sit on the toilet the pain intensifies and if I lie down… Been seen by the pain clinic and says it’s not nerve pain… Well if it’s not that then what is it? Any advice appreciated!!! Thank you for reading xxx

Hi Tippytoes :-)

So sorry to read this, until I reached the end of your post I was going to ask if there was any chance that something, even the lymphodema, was causing pressure on your sciatic nerve, but it seems that has already been ruled out so I don't know what else to suggest. Are you going to have an MRI scan to investigate this? I do hope so.

Sending you hugs

Be lucky :-)

Sorry to hear your troubles- have you contacted macmillan? They were amazing with me recently when I complained of pains etc. I feel pathetic moaning when I hear of your problems but I'd recommend you contact them, they got me a ct scan, colposcopy and bone scan straight away xx

Thank you guys for replying!!  I am getting no where fast!!! Just feel like I am not being listened too!!! Been waiting for my results from an xray from 4 Feb they still have not reported back so went into the hospital to the pain clinic and asked as had an oncology appointment!!! 

It was 2 years today when I had my 10 hour op to remove my cancer so feeling rather fragile today..  Plus the pain!!! 


Aww bless you... I had my surgery August 2014. You must get on to them! I'm assuming you are in the uk? If so call macmilan to see what they can do. They have to listen to your symptoms and rule out any nasties. Big hugs on your two year op anniversary xxx Sophie xxx