Groin and thigh pain...what can I do?

Back in work (school) and I'm fine during the morning but towards the end of the day, I start dragging my leg and by 5 pm, I'm crying with pain.  Feels like a screwdriver inserted into my right groin and being pushed into my thigh.  Ugh.  I can't get to sleep even with painkillers.

I went to the GP today and she ruled out DVT and my hip joint moves without pain.  She's given me strong co-codamol and naproxen to try and I'm booked for an xray (hip, pelvis, lower back on Monday.) 

Anybody else have anything like this? (I had rad hysterectomy with lymph nodes removed in August 2016 and chemorads and brachytherapy Nov/Dec 2016).

Thank in advance, lovely ladies.  


talk to your dr about a prescription called gabapentin. This will help you. 


Me! Been suffering this since last October. I have had pelvic and back mri's and a pelvic xray, all clear. Been referred to an orthapedic consultant and he says its likely caused during the operation, stretched tendon or nerve probably  Gabapentin really helps but pain still there but dull pain now. Climbing stairs and hills still a problem. When its bad i really limp. He said its very common after this op, tho they never tell you beforehand. Plus if you had chemorads i think that may cause it too. I just get on with it now with limitations x

Thank you, ladies.  X-ray was clear.  Saw oncologist today and she said see how it is in two weeks then if it's not improved, she'll order an MRI.  So frustrating to have been back to feeling normal for a bit and now crawling the walls with pain if I'm late taking pain relief.