severe dyskaryosis :((

had a smear test few weeks ago and results came back as severe dyskaryosis,started freaking out but have a few friends who calmed me down and told me they to had it as a result and it was fine,it didnt mean i had cancer so calmed down abit then went to see my nurse who did the smear to talk about it and she spent 10 min telling me i could have cancer they just dont know untill biopsy? yet all i've read online and on the things they sent me from hospital said these are pre cancer and any cancer cells would have been spotted on the smear? been sent to the hospital this weekend for colposcopy and am soooo scared,but is the nurse right? or is there a chance it is cancer? thanks for anyway answers,just so mixed up :((

Hello I'm in exactly the same boat (severe dyskaryosis and colposcopy next Tuesday). As far as I understand it the smear test is designed to measure the presence and degree of abnormality in cervical cells - it's not a diagnostic test for cancer per se although cancer can sometimes be identified at this stage. The smear alone doesn't usually provide sufficient diagnostic information which is why we've been referred for a colposcopy. Technically your nurse is correct in saying that there's chance that it's cancer but it's very small. There's a much higher chance that they'll have caught any pre-cancerous cells early and will be able to treat them effectively.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope your appointment goes well. X