High grade (severe) dyskaryosis



i recently got got my first smear done at 25 after having two children. I have received a letter saying I have High grade severe dyskaryosis. I won’t lie I have no idea what this actually means, google just scares me. When my nurse rang me she said I’ve shown to have pre-cancerous cells and literally I couldn’t take in anything after that. 

I’m so scared and restless. I just need someone to explain to me what exactly this is. Could I have cancer? Like what are the chances? 

I feel lost and low. 

I have my colposcopy 5th of June (apparently that’s fast tracked) and I’m just absolutely bricking it if I’m honest.



Hi Carli

I know nothing I say can probably stop you worrying but try not to panic until you’ve had your colposcopy. Hopefully there the changes you have will be able to be completely removed/treated, or may not be as bad as you think. 

Good luck

C x

Pre-cancer means cells that are not cancerous. It means that the cells have changed, but if left and not treated, it could turn to cancer years later.

This is why we have smear tests, to catch changes before they become problematic. A colposcopy is normal par of the course for treatment. It just means they'll have a closer look at the cervix and either take a biopsy or remove the cells while you're there.

I know it's easy to panic and worry, and i know what i've said probably doesn't help because it's all unknown for you, but this is a common thing and it's very routine.

I have been in your situation too when i was 25 and had the colposcopy and treatment. It was absolutely fine and i am sure you will be too.




Hi lotty


thanks for your reply. You just automatically think the worst don’t you. It’s my colposcopy next week so hopefully fingers crossed things can get sorted if need be. Just the waiting around is enough to drive you insane!! Xx

Thanks for your comment limiya, you put my mind at ease massively. It’s just the unknown and brief letters from the hospital with scary words on that send your mind into over drive isn’t it. 

So pleased you had a good outcome! Xx

Of course you do! 

They will probably offer you what the call “a see and treat” which is where they look at your cervix and remove any abnormal cells at that point. Hopefully any precancerous cells will be removed and you’ll have a follow up smear to check all ok (here it’s 6 months but this might vary in area).

This procedure is not uncommon,I know my sister had this about 13 years ago all treated and clear. 


No problem Carlie93,

I know you will worry until it's all sorted out. But that's ok. We all worry don't we? :)
I've been through it twice now, and i still have to remind myself that it's common and routine and they know what they're doing. lol

Good luck for next week, i'm sure it'll go fine.


Thank you for the positivity!! Need it with it being tomorrow. 

Finger crossed everything’s ok xx

Thank you sooo much, you have really put me at ease there. Tomorrow’s the day of th colposcopy so fingers crossed!


Good luck tomorrow!

Fingers crossed for you xx