Severe back pain

Advice needed please. I’m almost 2 years post treatment (radiotherapy and chemo) for stage 2 CC. Every thing has been going well until 3 weeks ago and I keep getting the most horrendous pain in the middle of my back/spine. It’s a sharp pain which radiates round my stomach. It comes and goes and is worst when I’m sitting down, or getting in and out the car. Is it is sign of the cancer coming back or not linked at all? I’m petrified of getting it checked out and don’t know whether to go to the GP or my oncologist? Any help or advice would be much appreciated xx

Backpain can be caused by any number of things and the majority of the time it just goes without treatment. However with your history its so important to get it checked out. Its almost certainly not cancer so you can get the worry out of the way. In the unlikely event that it is cancer there is an awful lot to lose by putting it off. Effective cancer treatment is always about getting one step ahead of it. Please contact your oncology nurse and she can suggest best route. Good luck!


I often have back pain too. Mine are like period. I did an MRI and everything is ok. ( i’m 2 years since the treatment).
be optimistic. there are other causes of pain. I know that the first thought is recurrence. Only a check-up can reassure you.

I pray that everything will be fine. hug