Second lletz treatment under GA

Hi there.

I’m new to this site but I’ve been meaning to post and ask for advice for a while now!

Basically I’ve had the worst time with this whole thing!! My smear test came back with high grade so I went for a colposcopy and it was horrendous! When I read the leaflet it could not have been further from the truth for me, the local anaesthetic didn’t work, they gave me it three times and it wouldn’t take so they had to get some biopsies whilst I could feel every single pinch (bloody-ouch is all I can say!!)
I then was admitted to hospital the day after with severe bleeding to the point where I was almost passing out and my iron levels dropped. I was given treatment for the bleeding and went home that day.
I then waited 5 whole weeks to be called back in and told I had stage 1a1 cervical cancer. There’s me thinking no news is good news!! How stupid of me!
I’ve been booked in for a second round of lletz next month under general anaesthetic and I’m so so scared about it! I’ve had a pre op assessment and now just waiting for the big day. I’m terrified of being put to sleep as I never have before!
Has anyone else had a second round of lletz? How successful is it at removing the cancer?! I’m hoping this is the last chapter of this complete nightmare! I can’t have anymore invasive treatment I’m so fed up with it all.


Hello and sorry to hear you're going through this. Yes I had the same, 1a1 diagnoses after lletz under local and then had to have the cone biopsy under general, I was also really scared of it, i just felt so scared and even worried I wouldn't wake up but they know what they're doing and you'll be fine and good thing about GA you won't feel a thing and they can remove as much as needed. I woke up from the op in the afternoon and went home that evening. It's a very effective treatment for small cancers like 1a1. This all happened to me 2 years ago, I started off on 3 monthly checks then went to 6 monthly and just had results of recent smear back, all clear. So I know it's a terrifying thing but with small cancers like that it's relatively easily fixed. Just look after yourself, eat well and get as much rest as you can xxxx

Oh thank you so much for that, I really appreciate you taking the time out to reply and it makes me feel a lot better knowing that other people have had the same as me and are all clear now, just hearing the c word at 27 years old just completely broke me! 

I'm praying all goes well with the operation and they don't find anything else in there! I'll be glad when it's all over.

So good to hear you're all clear, it's a scary time and must be such a relief. 

Thanks again you've made me feel a lot better x

Hi NCA :)

I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad time at your first LLETZ.

I'm staged at 1b1 and had a second LLETZ and the doctors believe that that has gotten rid of all the cancer from the cervix (I still need lymph node removal to check if it had spread but at least it has gone from there).

I hope your second LLETZ goes much better than the first.


Hi I was 1a1 too and my cone biopsy under ga was fine and I got the all clear! We've got the earliest stage and it's easy to treat. The chance of reoccurrence is extremely low too, take care honey and all the best wishes to you xxxx

I know the c word just puts the fear of God into us but remember cervical cancer is one of the easiest ones to treat, tends to be slow growing and it's really good it's been caught early. My mums friends a doctor and she said if youre going to get cancer, cervical is one of the better ones to have. I was 33 when diagnosed, still shocks me now sometimes when I think about it but that's why young women need their smears as abnormalities can hopefully be picked up early and treated. Just keep your immune system strong as these changes are caused by hpv so strong immune system can help,  i researched alot and advice i found was don't smoke as there's a link with cervical problems and smoking,  take folic acid, try and eat lots of fruit and veg and drink green tea and eat lots of garlic, I do all this since what happened and hopefully it helps and also helps me cope better mentally as I feel I'm doing something to help myself x

Thanks so so much for your replies I really do appreciate it! It's so scary and easy to feel on your own with it all since nobody I know has ever even had an abnormal smear! So good to hear positive stories.

Libby123 thanks a lot for that advice I will definitely try and do all that, I've never been a smoker anyway it's a big no no for me but I will start taking folic acid again I think, I only ever took it whilst pregnant didn't really think to carry it on but I will look into that now! 

You've really helped ladies, thanks so much!