Has anyone had high grade CGIN treated with Lletz (local anaesthetic)?

Hi I have had my first smear, colposcopy and biopsy which have confirmed high grade CGIN. 


I have Lletz booked on Thursday at 10:30 but with local anaesthetic. I am worried that every case of treating CGIN on these posts have been done under GA? 


I rang the hospital to question this and the nurse said I would be fine and most cases are done with local? I am worried and concerned that it will be more invasive and also that I may need further treatment I.e a cone biopsy in the future.


Has anyone else experienced this or anything similar?


Many thanks 



I had 1a1 cancer treated with a lletz (local) all was fine.

Had another to make sure it had all gone. Again under local.

I have just been diagnosed with HG CGIN and have been booked in for LLETZ under a local

I just had my LLETZ treatment under local on Wed 22 Jul.  The number one piece of advice I can give you is to relax! I felt absolutely nothing but a slight sensation of heat when the actual excision was performed, but I experienced pain with the instrument similar to what is used in a smear because I was so stressed & afraid that I simply couldn't relax.  I know this was the cause of my pain as my smears, & even my biopsy, were slightly uncomfortable but completely pain free - the nurse also confirmed that it was my tension making the experience so unpleasant.  You will be fine, if you have someone to go along with you for support it may help you to relax, so will remembering that LLETZ is completely effective in something like 95% of cases :)

Yes most are done under local. I had my first under local and then when margins weren't clear and 'strands of invasive disease' were found they advised me to have a deeper one done under general. I'd choone the local over the General and day. Good luck x

Thank you everyone for your replies they are very helpful and have put me at ease.




Hi everyone, hope you are all well! 


Went for the lletz today today and when the doctor did the colposcopy before she got another doctor in for a second opinion and they both said the area is so big and deep I am to be urgently booked in for lletz under GA. Pre op next week and booked in for her procedure on 11th August. Feeling anxious but also relieved that they are being so thorough. Xx

I'm sorry to hear you have to wait a bit longer, but at least under GA if you are anxious it won't make the proceedure worse for you, & as you say they are making sure they will have the best chance to remove it all in one treatment.  Let us know how you go, will be thinking of you & hoping it all goes well *hug*