GA for LLETZ? Extreme anxiety

Will try to keep this as short as I can, would really appreciate hearing from people in a similar position.

My first 2 smear tests went totally fine - lovely nurses, no discomfort, relaxed, results okay etc. But after having a physically traumatic termination experience a few years ago, I really struggle to let anyone near me (including my very kind and patient partner).

My smear test just over 3 years ago came back with high risk HPV but no cell changes. This smear was done by a very impatient nurse and was very painful. Then another smear test 2 years ago came back with high risk HPV and moderate cell changes. This smear was horrible and painful - I explained before we started that I am now terrified of them, nurse ended up shouting at me halfway through to tell me “I can’t do this if you’re crying, just take yourself off the list”. She then blocked the door when I tried to leave so I wouldn’t go back into the waiting room in tears.

I had a colposcopy at the hospital with gas and air, absolutely lovely team of nurses who were very patient but I was still very tearful and shaking. Advised to keep re-checking at 12 months etc as it will probably clear itself.

Now my most recent smear came back abnormal again, still with HPV. Follow up colposcopy and biopsy now shows high grade changes. I have had panic attacks since these results have landed over the thought of the treatment. At my appointment today I was told I needed LLETZ and I could not stop crying. I’m not frightened of potential cancer, it’s purely the procedures. They’ve put me on the waiting list to have the LLETZ done under general anaesthetic but now I’m panicking about just flat out dying on the table (not helped by the fact I’m fat which makes it riskier).

I was never like this before. I’m an absolute wreck and I just can’t get a handle on it. I keep thinking I’m being an absolute idiot to even consider GA, but equally as I’m typing this I feel like I’m going to be sick and have jelly legs! I asked if they offer IV sedation like at the dentist rather than full GA but they don’t :frowning:.

Has anyone else felt this way in my position, and if so, what route did you take?

Hi i was the sane as you and was so worried i made my self ill. I had lletz on 10th October. I went for local and my partner stayed with me the whole time. The treatment wasnt as bad as i had worked it up to be. I was in and out in 15 min. Home resting but no bleeding for the first week. Day 10 heavy bleeding but day 12 flew to majorica and all ok. I would go for local if i had to have it done again as was mucn quicker. Good luck xx

Hiya love, I had my LLETZ under GA and I’m a little on the bigger side, they put a tube down my throat so it was easier and safer for breathing I think thos is a normal thing and because I have asthma.

I suffer really bad social anxiety and have panic attacks so I went to drs before procedure and told my GP she gave me some sedatives (diazapam) and sertraline tablets to take the for a few days before and on the days of these types of appointments so perhaps see your GP and explain you want something to stop you freaking out as much. It did help chill me out. Let me know how you get on :kissing_heart: