Second LLETZ soon to take place

Back from the doctor’s who confirmed I should have this again - this time under general anaesthesia as I find most pelvic exams gruelling. I wish I could say I’m relieved but I know this is only one step out of…who knows how many? I know I have the high-risk type(s) of HPV and that my last screen showed mild dyskaryosis. Still - I am angry that the follow up letter from the NHS included a typo (!!!) which led to a delay in getting the recommended colposcopy until I actually started having abnormal symptoms (eg bleeding during/after sex). I lost six months.

I plan to have the LLETZ next Saturday, then comes the two week wait for results. I pray for a happy ending and good outcome. I am scared.

Have most people generally been happy with their level of care from the NHS? I don’t want to bash anyone - just curious if anyone is wishing they could have gone private if able, based on personal experience.

Thank you for listening.
—Worried in West London

Personally I have been really lucky with the care I have received and cannot fault it. I had my smear beginning of Jan and had my results of HPV and Severe cell changes by mid jan. I had the letter on the Tues and had a phone call from the hospital offering me a colposcopy on the Friday (unfortunately had to turn that down as I had just tested positive with COVID) I was offered an appointment for 10 days later. Went and the doctor couldn’t do it due to me bleeding when she touched me so I was referred for one with a colposcopy under a GA which took place 6 days later. The longest wait I had was for my results and the MDT meeting which took 5 weeks and I am having another Lletz on Wednesday again under general as they didn’t manage to get all of the precancerous cells first time round.

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That is impressive!