Second lletz CIN 3

Hi I've got my results from my lletz today which was very unexpected as its only been just over 2 weeks, this was my second lletz and the results came back as CIN 3 again only 7 months after having the first lletz done, my consultant said he'd have one more go then I'm guessing it's the dreaded hysterectomy! I'm just wondering if anyone has had CIN 3 twice in 7 months then got a clear result at there 6 months check or is it more or less guaranteed to come back again xx 

Hi Vicky

I am busy stressing about my second round of LLETZ (colpo on 12th August after my test of cure came back severe) anyway, I asked around a couple of people I know who have had 2 x LLETZ and they were both clear the smear after the second time. I don't know anyone personally who has more than 2 goes, but I do remember some posts from a couple of ladies who had really persistent CIN around Christmas time. I think it is quite rare but obviously it does happen sometimes.

Big hugs to you. So rotten this CIN rollercoaster x

Thank you for replying 

Thats made me a bit more optimistic knowing they were clear after the second lletz, it's the waiting around that I find the worst if it has come back in 6 months I've then got another 6 months to wait to see if they want to do a hysterectomy, we were going to Disney land next summer but I feel like there's no point planning anything now we'll probably put it off until the year after. Hopefully you will get the all clear, 1 positive I found though lletz wasn't as bad the second time around xx