Waiting for 2nd LLETZ - worried about results

Hi Everyone,

So long story short, I had my first smear test as I've just turned 25, results came back as high grade CIN3. I had Colposcopy & LLETZ treatment around 3.5 weeks ago, the results came back saying they had found cervical cancer but they had also removed it in the LLETZ, so I feel very lucky. However, they said that some CIN3 still remains and I need to have a 2nd LLETZ in 3 months. 

I'm quite worried about what the results from the 2nd LLETZ will say and I'm feeling scared that they might find more cancer (I know this is stupid because if they had any doubts that they could find more cancer surely they would have me in hospital doing all sorts of tests?!). I'm also worried as I don't want this to further stop my plans to get on with my life. I was supposed to move to Australia on 23rd of August this year (for 1 year on a working holiday visa), but obviously had to change all my plans due to this which has been a real nightmare as I moved out of my flat 2 weeks ago, I'd already quit my job, sold my car etc etc. I've re-booked my flight for 23rd of November and my Colposcopist was really positive and has said that it should be fine for me to go then. I know my health is the most important thing right now but I just feel really down and quite lost, not really knowing what to do with all this waiting. I'm trying to remain positive and wonder if anyone else has been in a similar situation / those who have had to have a 2nd LLETZ right after their 1st? 


Also, I'm quite into running, do you think it will be ok for me to start exercising again? (I have no bleeding and discharge has returned to normal) 

:-) :-) Cheers for reading if you did :-) Hope you're all good!