Second CIN3 and loop diathermy now irregular bleeding, Im scared!!

Hi, im new to the forum but needed some support so I thought i would join to see if anyone else is going through what i am as I cant find much info out there.

I had my first smear at 25 and the results came back that i had CIN3 and that i needed loop diathermy to treat it.

Since then I have had a little girl who is amazing but has a disability and needs ventillator suppport of a night.

I then had CIN3 again on my next check up which again was treated with diathermy.

I have now been suffering with stomach and back pain and bleeding in between periods and after sex along with pain.

I went to the doctors and told her, she metioned twice to the student who was wilth her that i have recurring CIN3 and showed him the scarring on my cervix, she then asked if he could see 'that'. I asked her what 'that meant and she told me that my cervix did not look right and that it may be due to the loop diathermy but that she would ring through to the hospital to get me an appointmnent with gynacology. I waited in the waiting room and she told me the hospital will be in touch very soon and that I should  have my appointment within a week.

The first time i fell apart but because of how simple the procedure was for me the second time i did not panic at all. However this time i am almost certain that this is serious however i cannot fall to pieces as i have to look after my beautiful little girl.


Has anyone else been through this?


Any advice understandng would be lovely x


Hello!! Try not to worry... Remember CIN3 just means abnormal cell changes. And you're in the right place, you're going to be seen by someone who really knows what they're doing. No offence to GPs but they're not experts, you are seeing the expert next.

It is horrible waiting, I'm waiting at the moment too. But just think, the first step has been taken, you're a big step forward and you'll get treatment. HUGS try tostay strong and I'm sure they'll be able to help with your bleeding problem.

Jen xx

Hi I am not going through exactly the same thing as I don't have children to consider but I too have re-occuring CIN 3. I am just waiting for an appointment to discuss my options for my third lot of treatment. It's just so difficult even though you know the procedure it doesn't help with the waiting game! Keep strong 


Debs x