Hi ladies,

I really need some help. I went for my colposcopy on 14 March, I was told it was probably CN1/2. I've received my result letter today & it says I have CN3 & need treatment. I am scared to death, can't stop worrying & crying. My appointment is for Monday so now I'm worried they're getting me in a lot sooner than they have before. What does this mean?. What will I be having done?.

Please can someone give me some advice because I feel sick with worry. No one really explains what things mean. How bad is CN3?.

Thank you x.

CIN3 is still not Cancer so remember that!  Have they not told you what they're doing?  Possibly the loop.

Hiya I have CIN3 it is not CC in any way shape or form with cin1 it can go away on it's own CIN2 can possible go away but they like to treat it with CIN3 it cannot go

back to normal on it's own so it needs treatment it can take 5-15 years for CIN3 to lead to CC or so my consultant told me, have they told you what treatment you're getting

im booked in next week for Lletz under GA I'm only getting it under GA as the area iv got cin3 on is too large and I wouldn't find the procedure very nice if I were awake. 


Good luck xx

Thank you both for your replies, you're both very helpful.

The letter says the consultant will decide on the day what treatment i'll have, either the loop or the 'hot rod'.

My boyfriend just keeps telling me not to worry because it happens to loads of people, which I know is true but it's currently happening to me & i'm scared to death. I don't know if i'm overreacting or whether its ok to be nervous & panic?

Thanks for your help & good luck with your treatment too xx

Hi Jem, my boyfriend is(/was) exactly the same. 'You don't know so stop worrying' 'it happens to loads of people, stop worrying' 'You're making yourself sick, stop worrying' which is all well and good when it's not their own mind and body that's being affected. He's probably trying to be supportive in the only way he knows how. You're not overreacting - it's scary when something like this happens and if it's the first thing that's really medically happened to you (like it was for me, apart from spraining a foot and being given a huge pink ibufpofen, an X-ray and being sent on my way, I'd never needed any medical help before). You've definitely found the best place for advice and support - everyone here knows what it's like and can reassure you  you're not going insane :) x x x x