loop diathermy

im 25 had my first smear then got called back for a coloscopy, and then today had a loop diathermy done :( im so scared of the results .... they treated me for cn3 i feel like im just waiting for a death sentance : '(  im sooo hoping the margins are clear & i dont have to go back for more tremeant, it was horrific it took 15 minutes to stop me bleeding and the anastetic was awful !!! need some advice and reassurance please 


Was passing by and thought I’d send you some comforting words( I hope)

I’m waiting for my
Results to, when I had my loop
Done last wed, cin2, that horrid injection was painful( a needle in your mini, ouchie!) but they did what they had to do, and I was surprised to have no bleeding( none) until a week later??? I think Everyones body reaction is different to procedures hun.

Are you feeling a bit better now, pains etc?

Hope you are ok, let me know how you are x