Second biopsy

Hi everyone, I am new here and I’m hoping you can give some friendly advice. I went for my first smear test at the end of October (I’m 25) and had my results back in Nov which stated I had high grade severe dyskaryosis. I went for my colposcopy a week later where they took a biopsy. I had a letter over Christmas to say that there was a discrepancy between my smear and biopsy as my smear shown high grade and my biopsy shown CIN1. Anywayyyyy... I’ve been back to the hospital today for another colposcopy and biopsy and the nurse said they can see further changes and they will send me my results in 4-6 weeks, but due to my age and not having children etc, but if it is high grade they will most likely refer me to have laser treatment which is done in theatre in my hospital. I’m a bit of a nervous mess at the moment I’m hoping someone can tell me what laser treatment is like? I’ve heard most people have lletz, is this the same? I’m so confused xx