What to expect

Hello all, I had my first smear three weeks ago (I'm 24) I received a letter saying I had 'high grade dyskaryosis' and have my colposcopy booked for next Wednesday. Although I've been given a leaflet it will still be great to hear from people their experiences, I've read that many people have had a biopsy at the same time and haven't been given any info on it so anything would be helpful, my main worry (other then the obvious) is will the biopsy hurt? Thanks in advance 

Hey, I got my results from my second smear test 4 weeks ago to be faced with a letter saying high grade dyskaryosis (moderate) and I was in a right state. After rearranging my appointment for colposcopy due to my holiday I finally went on Monday. I did have to return yesterday to what initially was going to only be biopsies but ended up having lletz treatment. I had to return as I'm on immunosuppresants so they wanted antibiotics on board first. 

In the initial examination I was told she felt it was only low grade changes and wanted smear rechecked which they did, came back as low grade and inflammatory cells so intention was just to do biopsies to check, but being the worrier I am had got myself into a total tizz and they decided to remove all the abnormal cells incase biopsies came back as higher grade or my body struggled to get rid of it because of being immunosuppressed. I have to say the most painful bit for me was the twiddling around of the speculum, the rest just felt odd, didn't even really notice the local injections before the cells were burnt away. But that is just me. Personally I would ring the clinic or gp and ask for them to send you the info on biopsies and treatment that they normally give out as from what I have found it does vary from place to place. Things I have seen on the Internet are different to what I have been given :) 

The bit that I ended up so stressed about was the fact there were these horrid abnormal cells, not actually about what was going to be done. I also asked if I could see a female nurse /Dr and the nurse who did it made a note on my records of this too. The nurses were lovely, kept my modesty as much as could be done and held my hand. I did just concentrate on keeping breathing to start with but once I realised it wasn't painful I could talk to them. It's easy to say relax but I know only too well that's not the easiest! 

Thank you for replying :) these last couple of weeks I've been going out of my mind with worry thinking the worst but for a few days now I have 'come to terms' with it and then suddenly realised oh god I've actually gotta go through treatment and haven't even thought what it will be like. Did you find the smear test painful? I found it really painful that's why I was wondering about the colposcopy. I will defo ring up and ask for those extra leaflets I didn't even think to do that so thank you lol. I would have done the exact same in your position it's so horrible imagining worst case senirios 

I had a second biopsy this morning, and while it feels "weird", it didn't hurt. I just look elswhere, put my mind on something else, chat small talk to the nurses etc.

I find it easier not to really look at what the doctor is doing as you expect the worst. I heard the doctor say "sorry about that", and I looked down and said "oh are you finished". It really is a way bigger deal in your mind, so do just try to relax, think of being on a lovely beach, or that you're elsewhere. best of luck xxx

I didn't find initial smear painful no, make sure you tell them when you go what you have experienced and what your worried about and I'm sure they will do their best to make things as comfortable as they can. I shut my eyes too to start with

Hi I think everyone is different.  When I had my colposcopy and lletz done at the same time I found the local anaesthetic injections very painful. I had to have 2 of them. Then I don't think the injections were left long enough as I could feel the lletz procedure being done.  I have had problems with anaesthetic working before. But like I said everyone is different. Just make sure you have all the questions you want to ask them ready. I forgot what I wanted to ask and was then in too much of a emotional state afterwards to ask.

I'm in the same position as you,  high grade changes and going for colposcopy on the 8th October.  I swear it's the waiting that is the worst bit!  

Thanks all for your comments I will try my best to take myself to a good place, the waiting is defo the worst I don't like the thought of a 4-6 wait for results of a biopsy, I have a holiday booked for the 22nd oct and have been debating cancelling it over all of this :( 

I found out end of Aug I had to go for colposcopy, was originally booked for 1st Sept but I rearranged for 22nd as I didn't want to spoil my holiday with no swimming, feeling crap, potential of infection and my own personal fear of bleeding all over the place. In terms of cell development that's nothing, it's only what it does emotionally to you. I was terrible, very tearful and anxious (I'm that kind of person anyway) before my holiday, but think I only thought about it once whilst I was away. Would be a shame to cancel the holiday, there was no chance I was cancelling mine, first abroad holiday in 13 years!! The waiting game of biopsies for me was the bit I thought would send me into complete melt down, despite what was taken at smear being down graded. If the results of lletz come back that it was only cin 1 then I am still happy that I chose the option for over treatment because I know the cells have been removed.

I think I would be even worse if I cancelled the colposcopy or any treatment for my holiday, I feel like either way it's ruined but I just wouldn't be able to cope waiting any longer. I think it's the fact that it's my first smear so I keep thinking to myself well I could have had this for years and not known I just want it all over with now it's such rubbish timing with my holiday booked but you've gotta do what you've gotta do, I've taken out travel insurance so if worst comes to worst and I need treatment when I'm meant to be away i can cancel and book again when I'm better