Scared I have cancer

Hey I just had my first smear results back and I’ve now really worked myself up and I’m pertified as it says I have slightly abnormal cells and am also positive for hpv.

I need to go for a colposcopy but I don’t know when that will be as they haven’t set the date yet.

Does having the hpv virus mean I will develop cancer at some point?

Should I tell my partner?

hi Leira

please do not panic what you have been diagnosed with is VERY common it just means that some of your cells have changed slightly (not cancer) they will just want to take a look and if they are bad they will just remove them in a ten min operation while youre awake (no pain) 

mine were servere changes not slight so mine were taken out but now all gone :) 

these cells would take many years to turn into anything thats why smear tests are important

you can tell your partner for support but please do not panic :)