Scan Results

I had my scan this morning and the nurse called this afternoon to tell me there is no evidence of spread! She said that they will not stage me until after my radical hysterectomy, which is scheduled for May 12th. But since they are doing surgery, they believe it to be an early stage. This was the best news I could have hoped for. However she did warn me that with coronavirus, the hospital is in a "dynamic" situation, so the date might change. Apparently in the US, a radical hysterectomy for cancer is considered "elective," which is mind-blowing. That said, I have some relief. I have about six weeks to get my house clean (i am a teacher and school is cancelled for the year due to the virus) and to eat well and exercise and get my body in fighting shape for what I know is a brutal surgery. But I feel some measure of relief to know it has not spread and that there does not appear to  be lymph node involvement. Maybe now I can sleep again.


Thank God it hasn't spread. I've just had scans and waiting for a date to remove my lymph nodes and have another LLETZ. 


Have you had nodes removed to test?  Try and enjoy 6 weeks of prep and relax!



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