Feeling scared, sick of waiting.

Abnormal Pap smear end of October 2016, adenocarcinoma found. Had biopsy, CT scan and then cone biopsy. Results I have cervical cancer as suspected. Having a PET scan on Wednesday 18/1 really scared it's spread as it will nearly be 3 months since Pap smear. Told I will need a radical hysterectomy. The wait for tests and results is killing me, all I'm thinking is while I'm waiting it's spreading.

So sorry to hear this. 

only a few months ago I was feeling exactly how you are now. All I can say is it does get easier. i had my radical hysterectomy 13 wks ago. I too had adenocarcinoma. Staged 1B with no symptoms. 

when I was in your shoes all the women here told me it's slow growing, which i now know it is but at the time it's hard to think that. Nothing will spread.

I just want to let you know you will get through it. Stay strong and make plans, I went on holidays (I had already booked) but it was good to get away if this is an option for you.

big hugs to you



Thanks for replying, nice to know someone was in same boat, though I'm sure there's a few. I was actually away for a week when I got my results, which kinda put a downer on things. Did u need chemo after the hysterectomy? 

Hey noodles 

How you doing??

Recovery good??

Take it easy xxx 

Hey Yey....

what your thinking and feeling is exactly what most of us felt in here....every ache and pain I got after I was told I had it I linked it and basically drove myself potty. The ladies in here reassured me it was a slow growing.

Take each day as it come honey xxx Your not alone I promise xx 

Thanks Michelle584 yes every ache and pain u think is linked to it, so stresseful. I'm booked in for a radical hysterectomy next Tuesday 23/1 so very nervous for that, had pet scan today to make sure no spread to anywhere else so fingers crossed for that. 

Hello there

I'm in the same position as you.  I'm also waiting for a radical hysterectomy after they found abnormal cells during my smear test.  I couldn't understand how all of a sudden I'd been diagnosed with it when all of my previous smears had been fine.  I then assumed that it must be fast growing.  However, what I hadn't realised was that adenocarcenoma is a cancer which grows a little bit higher up which means that it's harder to detect it in a smear test.  It could therefore have been there for quite some time before they found it.  I had the Lletz procedure and they've said that there were clear margins around what they removed so I'm hoping that all will be well as it is meant to be very slow growing.  Try not to worry...I know it's easier said than done and I myself, feel like I'm going around the twist with worry and anxiety about the surgery and afterwards etc.  I think the waiting is worse than anything else so hopefully you'll start to feel a little bit better once you have a treatment plan in place.  

Debbie x


Hey Debbie, yes it is all a bit of a shock and a bit scary. When are u booked in? I just want it all over. It's all been going on since the end of oct so will be glad when it's all over. 

So sorry...just seen your reply. I hope you too are in recovery now and that your results have been all good. I had my operation on the 1St Feb which seems an age ago yet I'm still getting over it. Thankfully they didn't find anything in lymph nodes etc so just need to have 3 monthly checks now. How are you doing now?   It's certainly been a scary few months and at least the not knowing is out of the way. That part is just awful and it's only when you're recovering that you realise just how emotionally draining the whole thing is.  Hope you're doing well and sorry for the late reply x