Update (children mentioned)

Hello everyone ,
I have got my results today & had a total meltdown so thought I would share my feelings with you lovely ladies , I had my MRI 2 weeks ago to see if it had spread etc . I was originally staged at 1a2 , today I have been told that it doesn’t look like it has spread upwards towards my ovaries and womb etc but it could have spread into my lymph nodes however they can’t be sure of this at this stage . I have been told a radical hysterectomy is my best cure & lymph nodes removal with some surrounding stomach tissue ( does this all make sense ? I’m not sure if I’m going crazy & hearing things ) . They have restaged me at 1b2 or stage 2 however there saying that’s a precaution . I’m petrified I have never been in hospital even had both my boys and was out the same day I’m a bit of a hospital freak I’m afraid , but obviously that’s about to change . What happens if it’s in my Lymphs nodes does this mean it can make its way around my whole body ? At the moment I feel like I’m in a nightmare and I can’t see the end , the most bizarre thing of all is the hospital performing the hysterectomy is the hospital that gave me my eldest baby with ivf ( he is 5 ) & I had his brother naturally ( he is 3 ) so I feel like its a full circle for me , I’m so blessed for my baby’s and I know that but im also so scared for them mummy is normally 100 miles a hr . Sorry for the rant but I feel so alone and you guys always make me feel better xxxxxx

I have responded to your pm love, any support I can offer you I will. I will support you all the way you will be fine. Message me any time I mean it :) big hug through my very badly cracked phone screen 

I don't have any advice to offer but I just want to give you a big hug.

Write down all your questions and see if you can contact a macmillan nurse tomorrow.  They will hopefully be able to answer your questions. 

The attitude I am trying to adapt is not to worry about what hasn't happened.  Concentrate on the facts that I have been given and trust that the best care is being given x 


Whoa! Slow down Sally! Sounds like you're still at 100mph to me :-)

So, during a radical hysterectomy they will take some tissue samples from your abdomen (tummy, perhaps you got confused between stomach and tummy?). Inside these tissue samples they will look for and find, lymph nodes which will be tested. In all likelihood they will all test negative, in which case you will probably have no further treatment. If any of them tests positive or perhaps for some other risk factor, your team might possibly recommend that some weeks after your hysterectomy you follow that up with chemo-radiation. But don't even think about that at this stage. This is definitely a one step at a time thing. I'm mentioning this only because you have asked if the cancer can spread around the body if it reaches the lymph nodes. In theory yes it can but there are loads and loads of women on this forum who are totally cancer free after treatment even though at one point they did have lymph node involvement.

If you have already had IVF treatment then you are very familiar with the gynaecology department at your hospital and you may even see several familiar faces. Just take a deep breath and move forward one step at a time. You'll be fine :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hey, I was diagnosed with advanced CC this year and I've had chemo, radiotherapy and bracatherpy and I'm still standing. I couldn't have anything removed due to the stage and size of my cancer. Mine had spread to lymph nodes and each scan I had during treatment showed that this had gone - cc is slow growing and now they've caught it they will stop it spreading.

This is the time to ask for help with child care and care for you as you will need all the support you can get as it is a very tough road your going down but we're all here for support and advice.

It's hard but try not to worry as it will make you worse and drain you and you need as much energy as possible to beat this.

Keep us all updated

Hi everyone ,

And breathe had a bad yesterday as u can properly tell sorry for the rant :-( , had a meeting with my consultant today & everything seems a lot clearer , they have booked me in for a radical hysterectomy on the 26th January , at this stage she should would like to keep my ovaries and just remove everything else , they are going for the "cure" and this word alone makes me feel better , I have another meeting on the 11th to discuss the surgery etc but I feel more positive today . Thank you for the messages , you always make me feel better even if reading it back I did cringe that I sounded slightly unhinged , lots of love to you all xxxxxx