Had LLETZ on 3rd July the specialis advised CIN3 and removed them but advised she would write to me within 4-6weeks.

Im so paranoid when my phone rings just incase.

If bad news would it be sooner or could it be bad news even after 4-6weeks?

Thanks ladies as the days go on the more my head spins.



I had a LLETZ in early October 2016 and I had a call two weeks after asking me to go into hospital the next day for an appointment, so from my experience the longer you wait the less serious it will be.   When I went for my appointment I was told I had early stages of cervical cancer but after surgery I have the all clear now.   I am still nervous though its only natural for us all.  HUGS

Jayne x

Hope everything is ok with yourself and thank you for replying.



Hi Hun, I was 4 weeks before I got results, I got a call asking me to go in the next day, which unfortunately was bad news for me.

wish you good luck for results xxx

So sorry to hear that Debz.

i hope your doing ok? As best you can did you have CIN3 I've a feeling it's going to be bad news i feel it in my gut. 

Just trying to ignore it xx