Lletz results

hi all,

just sending some positivity out to you all waiting for results, had lletz treatment 2 weeks ago and had a phone call from the hospital this morning saying there are no signs of cancer cells and I’ve got to back for a check up in 6 months, I’m so relieved after having CIN3.

good luck to you all 

  • April:smear severe abnormal cells
  • May:colposcopy & biopsy confirmed Cin3 
  • may:lletz confirmed CIN3 back for 6 months check. 

Ahhhh that's amazing news!!!! 

Still waiting!! Rang up the hospital on Friday for the secretary to say she couldn't get on the system and she'd wave my letter in front of him to prompt him. 

Is after 3 weeks and 3 days no news good news? Or is it literally could be either way? I did well for 2.5 weeks but now I'm really getting anxious!! All my family say no news is good news but it took 6 weeks for my smear and that was severely abnormal cgin so thinking it's not gonna be the end of it! X