Strange Lletz results???

Hi all. 

I called the hospital in the end and they had my results for 10 days and hadn't wrote to me! So annoyed. However this isn't the strangest part. They told me that no cancer was detected however they could not confirm cLear margins as the area was too inflamed from removal Under GA. So I might have to go back again once healed and start again. Has anyone else ever had this?  

Very happy but slightly confused. 



Hi Jodie,

Yeah same here. Had LLETZ 6 weeks ago for CIN 3. Went back last week for my results. They didnt get clear margins and they also found CGIN, so Ive to go back in 6 weeks for another LLETZ. I was told that this could be cancer in 6 months (scary thing to tell me!) and not to get pregnant in the near future. The reason she didnt do another LLETZ there and then was becuase I hadnt fully healed after the first one, and this could give inaccurate readings. She told me not to worry though. Yeah, like thats going to happen after her teling me that it will turn into cancer in 6 how accurate is that opinion!