Anyone else waiting for lletz results?

just wondering if anyone else is anxiously waiting for lletz results? since my smear results and lletz (2 months) it’s been a roller coaster of emotions, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since my treatment for CIN3. 

Hope to hear from someone in the same situation x 

Me!! Its the second week for me. Had lletz under general a week last Friday. Waiting is the worst isn't it. I didn't know I had severe cgin (equivalent of cin 3) i only knew it was severely abnormal so that was a bit of a shock. Really worrying what the result will be. Hope You're doing ok xx

Me! 3 weeks tomorrow since my lletz procedure. Every day when I come home from I check the post before I do anything else. 

I know people tend to say that if it was not good I would have heard by now but unfortunately that does not help the anxiety! 

Just hoping it doesn't take the full 6 weeks as I have exams in the meantime and I could do with having my mind put at rest before then!

I hope the wait isn't too long for you.


Hi yes my lletz was five weeks ago tomorrow I have not heard a thing since so assuming it’s all fine but still waiting for the confirmation of results is stressful as you never know ,I was told six weeks for results so hope to hear in the next week ,every time my phone rings with a withheld number I have a heart attack in case it’s the hospital calling with bad news 

Me too Kezzie, horrible isn't it!!

5 weeks is a long time! 

I’m only on week 2 and it’s driving me insane, 

I’m going away next weekend and really want to know before,

where are you based Kezzie? xx 

I had mine over 3 weeks ago now and the biopsy was sent for suspected cancer. I’ve rang the doctor and hospital are still awaiting results from histology. The waiting game is horrible!

Hi I to had lletz on the 9th of may for severe changes. At my appointment before even looking they decided they were performing lletz based on my smear result. 

Is anyone else experiencing vaginal pain not cramps but actual pain inside the vagina? 

Also I have a thick black discharge it doesn't smell hideous but it smells odd and not great.

Hope everyone recieves there results quickly it's so worrying x


I know the feeling - I'm waiting for results from LLETZ and biopsy too. It's been 3 weeks for me. I was told 4-6 weeks! Scandalous it's so long.

It's horrible, I'm constantly checking for post and missed calls on my phone. Feels like I can't concentrate on anything until i know my results.

My smear result was vague and just said 'abnormal' so I don't even know what grade of CIN I have or anything which doesn't help either.

My fiance is taking the wait worse than I am, he's not sleeping and he's sick with worry that I might have cancer. I don't know what to say to him apart from "I'm sure everything will come back fine, even if it is cancer hopefully its early stages so very treatable...". It's a horrible feeling in our house at the minute. I'm 30 and he's 33 with no children so we're obviously worried about fertility as well. CC is such a cruel disease, as if having cancer isn't enough it robs you of your chance to have a family.

In a way it's nice to know people are going through the same thing so can relate, however it's awful that any of us are in this position to begin with!

I've coped with the waiting by spending money I don't have on my credit card. Anything for a distraction which I'll most likely regret later on. I just need to find something to act as a distraction. Anyone have any tips on how to deal with the waiting thats helped them?

Tink, I've been bleeding ever since my LLETZ 3 weeks ago, not lots but enough to have to wear a pad. Was black for a while which I was told to expect, now its just annoying brown discharge that seems to come and go.

I hope you all receive your results soon!!

B xx

Me too Nursebee, yesterday marked 3 weeks. I rang the hospital and his secretary said I cant get on the system I'll dangle the letter in front of the consultant to hopefully it will get him moving or something like that. 

Every single day I text my other half while I'm at work to check the post... everyone says no news is good news but is it?!