Hey ladies anyone want to join me in the waiting for results? The days just seem to drag! The 3 weeks i had to wait from my smear result to colposcopy was a nightmare :cry: This is my story so far: Age 26, had two normal smears in the past, last smear result 3 weeks ago came back CIN3, had my colposcopy and lletz yesterday. I suffer terrible anxiety and got in a state. They gave me loads of gas and air which helped. It really isnt a pleasant experience is it :roll: So was told up to 4 week wait for result. I hate the waiting, i end up googling and getting myself worried again. The consultant told me she doesnt think its cancer so im going to try and hold on to that when im anxious :? Anyone else waiting on results aswell? xxxxx

Hi Sheila :slight_smile:
U sound quite similar to me! I’m 27 and had my abnormal smear in June. I had to wait 2 weeks to have colposcopy and biopsies were taken. After waiting 4 weeks for those results I got a letter back saying the results were inconclusive! I then had another colposcopy and several more biopsies 2 weeks later. After yet another 4 week wait I finally got my results of cin3! 2 weeks after that I had lletz. I waited a total of 14 weeks between receiving my abnormal smear result and actually getting the lletz treatment! It was torture!
I have to say though the waiting does get easier! I had lletz 2 weeks ago and was told to expect my results in 3-4 weeks so trying really hard to forget about it till then!
How are u feeling after the treatment??
Bex xx

I had my LLETZ yesterday by general anaesthetic. the doctor who did it didn’t give me an estimated time to wait for results, she just told me that she would contact me personally when my results come back :-\ x

Hey Bex gee you had an awful time from your smear until now! Not long left waiting for you now though :slight_smile:

I am having pains down below and when i go to the toilet i have bright red blood like a period. Is this normal?

Why do some women get treatment and colp and some hav to get biopsy and wait for treatment? Ive always wondered this :?:

Hey emdugs123, how are you after lletz? They wanted to do mine under general because i was so nervous. But im afraid to be put to sleep lol so they said theyd try it awake and gave me gas and air instead. Im glad its over, hope to god they got it all. :? Do you have cin3?


I’m still getting the period pains. had no bleeding but am passing what looks like flesh :-\ . I asked to have a general as I found the colposcopy and biopsy incredibly uncomfortable due to my dipped womb. I had cin3 yes.
I had heard that there is meant to be a standard waiting time of at least 6 Weeks for results of LLETZ. x

I’ll wait 2 weeks then start pestering!
I had no bleeding for the 1st week, just this horrible black stuff! Urghh! Maybe Its because I developed an infection Im not sure but I’m still bleeding now, so sick of pads! Lol
Keep an eye on the pain though cos mine started to get worse not better so I knew I had an infection. Fingers crossed u will be fine though!

That’s interesting emdugs that u have a dipped womb, so have I. I found the biopsies incredibly painful and unfortunately I went alone! I was actually crying during and after (and all the way home!) But yet they never told me I had the option to have general anaesthetic for the lletz! Luckily I found that nowhere near as bad as they numb it all (why don’t they do that when taking biopsies?!)
I really have no idea why some hospitals seem to treat u there and then at colposcopy if they see severe changes but others ( like mine) do it separately and wait for biopsy results.
You would think it would be the same procedure everywhere.
Bex xx

I was told 3-4 weeks after for my results. These pains are quite bad, i can feel when im going to bleed and i run to the toilet and a load comes out. How soon after did you get an infection?

Girls how do you put the writing underneath which tells your dates and results etc? I cnt find where to do this?

Do any of yous suffer anxiety and took this real bad? I didnt eat for 2 weeks when i found out, i was a mess. I suffer bad health anxiety and i always think the worst. Google doesnt help either :roll:


Also i was told i could bath straight away but seems alot of people are told they cant :?

I think it just depends what hospital you go to which is odd. I don’t suffer from health anxiety but I have lost weight and came out in stress spots due to all this.

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I would maybe see how you go tonight and if the bleeding and pain is still bad tomorrow then ring the hospital for advice.
It was about 5 days I think when I started gettin symptoms of the infection. It’s not nice to talk about but smelly discharge was the thing I noticed most! So watch out for that. Couple of days of taking antibiotics though and it cleared up.
I have been quite anxious especially as I have 2 young children and your mind can run away with u! I suppose I’m quite a closed person and don’t tend to show how I feel to others ( my bf didn’t actually understand what the big deal was til he came to lletz with me!)
I find it easier to talk to people on here who understand how u feel and give constructive advice rather than saying ‘I don’t know why you’re worried they’ve said its not cancer!’ Which my bf said not thinking one day! Xx

Hey rosehip thanks for that info. This isnt as heavy as a bad period and theres no clots. Just wasnt sure my bleeding should be bright red like fresh blood. Did yous have cramps the first few days? What were yous told about baths? I was told i could bath straight away but alot of people on here seem to be told they cant… xxxx

Sheila, just noticed you had yours done yesterday too! I’m still having the cramps but no bleeding what so ever, just what looks like flesh coming out of me. I was told I could have a bath but I wouldn’t want to risk it. I would imagine that fresh red blood would be normal as its a new wound x

I really hope your results are good news roship, it must be scary to hear they are treating you as urgent. Let u know how it goes, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for u!
My cramping has just eased off so prob lasted about 12 days. That may be due to the infection with me though.
I’m not going to risk a bath for another couple of weeks. I posted this question and had mixed answers from everyone! Maybe wait till the bleeding has eased off though and give it chance to heal a bit.
Bex xx

Its strange how different areas vary so much. Its made me worried so i havent bathed. I love my baths though lol. Hopefully my bleeding is normal then…
where are yous all from? Im from Northern Ireland xx

I’m from Birmingham and I’m 25 so it was my first smear x

This is worrying me, iv stabbing back pains and bleeding bad :frowning:

Hello all,

Just thought id join you all as I’m waiting for my biopsy results - the waiting really sucks doesn’t it!

My history is on my signature :slight_smile:

Hugs to all

Cat x

I’m from north east England and it was my first smear. Naughty as I should have had it when I had my first baby but put it off and then became pregnant with my second and had to wait till after she was born. Wish I hadn’t done that now!

I just worry over everything lol. Ok tmi but when yous went for a wee would quite a bit of blood come out? And then after that it just kinda drips in the pad?