Awaiting lletz & cone results 1 week post lletz ..


just wondering if anyone else is waiting for lletz results at the moment? Every brown envelope that comes through the door I'm rushing to ATM and it's only been a week. I've had abnormal smears (only mild abnormality) since 2008 and after several colopolscopys and monitoring every 6months mysel and doctor agreed just to 'keep an eye on it' but in the last 6 months has gone to CIN 3 and I've had lletz under local and a cone biopsy as during the lletz the doctor said the cells had spread deeply and needed to take away more ?! I'm feeling pretty rubbish though I went back to work the next day and just want results now ! X

hiya, i had lletz for cin3 a week ago. im the same looking for the letter, they said it will take about 4 weeks for the results. how are you  finding recoveryk? ive still got period pain type cramps 

take care Louise xx 

Hi Louise , I'm still having cramps on and off and although I haven't had any bleeding I have had discharge ( sorry if TMI!) which I still there. I'm also on antibiotics now because I starated getting low back pain and the pains almost felt stabbing so the gp has put me on two strong tablets which I feel are making me a bit tired. I just feel like until I know what the results are up can't quite relax which psychologically makes you feel more ' beaten up' if you know what I mean ! 

Hiya, don't worry about TMI!!its nice to be able to mention these things. I havn't had bleeding just discharge which is a bit grim! Hope the antibiotics kick in soon. Yeah I feel exhausted, guess its all the worrying

Louise xx

Had any results yet Louise ? X