Anyone else on the long wait for LLETZ results?

Had my LLETZ for cin 3 last week.

Already watching the phone and the letterbox and the nurse said it would be at least 4 weeks maybe more because of Christmas!

Anyone else? X


im going for mine on Wednesday so I'll be watching the phone and letterbox with you in a couple of was it? did they say anything to you while there? 

sam X 

They didn't really say much to be honest. It was ok actually. Just want my results. Good luck you'll be fine xx

I've been waiting 2 weeks today. It's awful isn't it, checking for phone messages and post! The doctor said they class it as urgent which means results should be back within a week, but realistically speaking it would be 2-3 weeks. My hospital was affected by the flooding last weekend though, so I think results might take longer. I feel like I've been waiting for ever! Hope your results come back quickly x


It's horrible! I'm at uni and have assignments and exams to do but i just can't concentrate! Just want it done with now. All the best xxx

Hi ladies,  this is my first post,  I am also waiting,  horrid isn't it. I have found so many answers to my questions on here,  but now all I want is results. 

My story 

All my smears were normal! 

Went to have my coil changed on 4/8/15 and inflammation was seen by GP,  she said it was probably the coil irritating she then tried to access my last smear 3years ago. Screen said it had been done but would not give result? 

Referred to gynae, apt 3/11/15 still showing inflammation, smear taken and referred for urgent Colposcopy,  apt 30/11/15, smear result came back normal? On 20/12/15 but received letter following day to say CIN3?  not sure why it didn't show up on smear and previous smear result still unknown. 

Booked and had lletz 4/1/16 and am waiting for results for margins. Very stressful as I keep being led to believe all is fine then I get news to say otherwise! 

Has anyone else had normal smears but showed CIN3? And do I trust a smear again? 


Thanks and good luck 



Hi I have had my results, and they have removed affected area,  which is great,  but the results from the lletz showed different than the biopsies and the smear!! As a result of this they have said they will review the case in the departmental meeting and said they will do repeat Colposcopy and smear in 6 months, which I am happy with,  good luck everyone xxx

Hey all

I too had my results in Friday removed cin 1 2 and 3 repeat smear in 6 months

Good luck everyone xx