Finally got my results, doc actually sent me an appointment to discuss rather than a letter.

So had carcinoma in situ but was successfully removed thank goodness.

Can’t believe how close I came. Feeling very lucky

6monthly smears for 3 years no but totally over the moon

Hope everyone gets the results you’re hoping for

Thanks ladies for replying to my threads, you all kept me calm


That sounds scary. I am currently awaiting my results from the LLETZ treatment I had - very scary x 

Hi Sonia,

Yeah I think waiting was the worst part. I sort of knew It was bad when the doc was performing the LLETZ as he seemed overly sympathetic but the LLETZ is a very effective treatment and try to think positively, harder said than done. Another thing was I got called in two weeks after biopsy so consider a longer wait as positive as it's likely to mean it's nothing too urgent. Hope you get the all clear Xx