Lletz treatment

Hi all just wanted to share a positive story for those going through LLETZ treatment. I am 28 years old and had my second child back in march. I had my smear 3 months after having him as I was due my smear when I was pregnant. I waited 10 weeks for my results which was like complete torture if I'm honest however as time went on I thought no news was good news, so when I had my letter saying I my smear came back abnormal it totally took me by surprise. On the letter it said I needed further investigation with a colposcopy to determine if treatment was required. Then further down I saw the line saying "it is unlikely that you have cancer" however just seeing the word cancer made me panic. I must admit for the two weeks up to the colposcopy appointment I was a nervous wreck. At the appointment I was told that she could see abnormal cells and wanted to remove them. Although I felt no pain I found the procedure more emotionally painful Than anything. After the procedure I was told it would take 6-8 weeks for the results and was allowed home. I must admit I cried the rest of that day with worry and hated the uncertainty. It took a phone call to a lovely nurse to calm me down. I am nearly 4 weeks post lletz and I must say so far I've been quite lucky with the bleeding as it was very minimal. My first two days of my period were heavier than normal bit other than that all was fine.

After all the worry and upset and the anxiety the smear caused I received my results to say that the abnormal cells had been removed and there were no cancerous cell changes seen in the sample taken. I can't tell you the sheer relief that this brought me. I wanted to share this as I found when I researched lletz treatment I found a lot of people who had bad experiences or who had got told they had cancer and wanted people to know that just because you have lletz done doesn't mean you have cancer it's to remove the abnormal cells that "could" turn into cancer. Hope this helps reassure someone who may worry as much as I do. 

Thank you xxxx I am due my lletz on Monday and am terrified so this really helps xxx

Glad to hear it. Before I had it done I had never heard of it. But after speaking to people its surprisingly common. My friend has just had hers done too. I guess we forget sometimes that this is why we get smears to identify changes BEFORE they change to cancer as that takes several years so I've been told. Good luck with your LLETZ. Just make sure to rest afterwards :-) 

glad to hear your positive story, i had my lletz 8 days ago and a nervous reck, your post has made me feel better xxx

Thanks for sharing your story - I'm booked in for 2 weeks time and rather terrified, but also glad that the offending cells are being removed.

I'm going on holiday the following week so no swimming pool or hanky panky will put a small bit of a downer on it, but not as much of a downer as leaving those cells to turn cancerous would be in a few years eh!