LLETZ results…. Pending

Hi All

I’m new to the group. I wanted to say hi

I’m 35… previously regular smears everything’s been fine. Most recent smear HPV positive and abnormal cells, was then sent for colposcopy and punch biopsy, results confirmed CIN3, no cancer. I had LLETZ treatment two weeks ago, now waiting for the results…. This wait is the longest wait. I feel full of every emotion ever known and completely full of nerves.


Hi i am in the same position as you. I didn’t have a biopsy they just did a LLETZ there and then. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow and i haven’t heard anything. Ive been a nervous wreck the whole time but now its been 4 weeks im hoping that no news is good news xx

It is the worst feeling isnt it all the nerves. Feel like there isn’t anything else I can focus on right now.
Fingers crossed your results won’t be that much longer now and keeping fingers crossed your results.

Hello Lhc86.

Same age as you (though I’m not far off 36 now) with pretty much exactly the same history. Regularly attended smears and everything was fine. My smear last year was delayed by a few months but I thought nothing of it until January when I got the dreaded letter. HPV positive and changes.

I was told my changes were low so I was subjected to the most mentally torturous wait to even be seen in the first place. It took until July and that was only because they started doing Saturday appointments. Meanwhile I was dismissed at every turn when I begged to be seen sooner.

Biopsy came back as CIN3 (so, not minor changes then.) The fact this has occurred in just over 3 years really messed me up on top of being told to wait for over 6 months.

I had my LLETZ two weeks ago today. I was told 4-5 weeks for my results letter. It took about 4 weeks for my biopsy result to come through so I’m fine with the time frame. But you are 100% correct, waiting for the results is awful.

I guess all we can do is put it out of our minds. Easier said than done! My fingers are crossed for you that it’ll come back with good news. Well, about as good news as “see you for a follow-up smear in 6 months” can be!

Hi Aikaterine

That must of been awful having one thing said and for the biopsy to come back as a completely different story.

I still can’t get my head round how in 3 years you can go from nothing to CIN3, that’s the biggest thing that has stayed with me that I suppose has made me question why it is that smears are only 3 years.

I’m the same as you. Completely blindsided going from nothing to CIN3, which I know is not THE worst you can get but when you read about it all - CIN3 sounds pretty bad. If it had been deemed that sort of level of changes after my smear, I know I would’ve been seen a lot sooner. I got told “that’s just how it is sometimes”, which wasn’t exactly a huge comfort.

The main thing is, we kept up with our smears and it’s hopefully getting sorted. I’m trying not to read too many tales from those who had LLETZ and then had to have further treatment still because I’d drive myself mad. But having the results letter looming over me in the near-future certainly doesn’t help my mood at times.

And just to show how much this is affecting me, I forgot to take my pill for the first time in over 12 years last night! I was switched to the progesterone-only pill earlier this year so I set an alarm as well now. But because I feel completely sexless at the moment (not just due to the ban on intercourse but because I’m also feeling miserable) I think my brain just switched off regarding the importance of actually getting a glass of water and taking the pill.

My husband joked that of all the times to forget “the time when we still can’t have sex for two weeks is probably the best!” - which I admit did cheer me up a bit. It is pretty funny that NOW is the time I decide to be forgetful.

Regarding 3 years for smears…I got told at my smear (in November) that if the result came back as no HPV, they don’t check for abnormalities and you move on to a 5 year recall. Not sure how I feel about that after this experience to be honest. Not entirely good…

I got told something a long those lines when I asked how you go from nothing to CIN3 the answer I got was that’s sometimes how it is and bad luck!

My moods this week seem to be ridiculous, I’m not sure those around me can cope with much more…. HURRY UP LETTER! :joy::joy:

Your pill incident - if there was a good time to forget now is pretty good!

I’m struggling to stay focused on any form of diet…. These past two months since all this started I’m just eating constant rubbish. I’m going to regret it all when I can finally put this all behind me but I still can’t focus and stop! :confounded::confounded:

Im 33, I had my smear thought nothing of it just expected a normal clear result but this time round I recieved the letters on my belated mams birthday (August17th) :frowning: it was a complete shock as I’d actually opened up the hospital appointment before reading the smear results.
My dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in June so he was my main priority. He passed away 29th August 2 days before my LLETZ procedure.
Now having to deal with the loss of both parents, funeral arrangements and dad’s financial affairs. I suppose in a way dad is keeping me busy but I find myself in a complete whirlwind of emotions.
At times like these I would turn to my mam but obviously that isn’t possible. I feel I can’t discuss with my brothers because it’s too embarrassing and they have their own grief to deal with.
My husband is very supportive but I just feel so distant and withdrawn.

Hoping the results will arrive sooner rather than later, not sure how much more waiting I can take.

I am so so sorry to hear of your loss.
The emotions from all of this can be hard enough to manage let alone grief as well. You are so strong managing all of that.

I’m now on week 3 post procedure and no results. They must be any day now, can’t really focus on anything at the moment but the big dark cloud of that letter hanging over my head.

Hi All,

I am in the same position been for smears every 3 years and was told at last smear, hpv and abnormal. Turns out CIN3 and had LLETZ… I may be stupid here but what results am i waiting for? Did the biopsy not confirm what I had and the LLETZ destroy the cells? Ive been waiting 5 weeks now and its driving me mad but cant work out what it should tell me different from what i already know?

Sorry to hear your find yourself in this situation it’s pretty crap isn’t it?!

My understanding is what they remove during LLETZ is tested for clear margins indicating that they removed the abnormal cells. Also they test for further abnormalities that the biopsy may not have detected, as the tissue removed during biopsy was from the surface of the cervix.

Hope that helps x

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Thank you for your reply, that makes sense! I’ll just keep waiting then and hoping no more bad news. X

Good morning, did you get your results? I got a letter after 5 weeks. It says nothing about clear margins it just says we ‘should’ of got the cin 3 and will check in 6 months with a smear to see if the procedure worked. Xx