Results...still in shock

Went for my results and been told my tumour which was 7.8cm has drastically reduced to less than 2cm but it could be residual tumour or scar tissue off the radio! I am totally an utterly in shock as I was stage 4a she said she would say I'm around stage 1b If it was to be staged again! No treatment for A further 3 months then another mri to see whata going on! I am absolutely amazed an so happy I can start looking to the future again! 

laura xxx

Aww that’s brilliant news! Very pleased for you :slight_smile: xxx

That is absolutely fantastic news Laura - so, so pleased for you!  Xxxx

Hello Laura,  that's fantastic - so uplifting after all the bad stuff. Brilliant news, God Bless

Sharon, x

Well done love..brilliant news xx

So glad for you! Xx

Fantastic news! You must be over the moon xx

That's fantastic news!! You must feel so relieved! So happy for you :) here's to future health and happiness! Xxx

Fab pleased for you :) x x x 


so happy to read this, what a great start to 2014 for you.  

take care



Laura, that is fantastic. I'm so happy for you. I hope you can celebrate in style. Big hugs xxxx

Fabulous news!! Happy happy happy new year!!

celebrate in style xxx

Hi Laura,

I begin to tell you how happy I am for you.  Here's to 2014! 


Lots of love,

Tess xxx

Thank you ladies I'm still in shock over these results. My first thing on my list is a amazing family holiday I think we deserve it can't wait to spoil te kids without the stresses an strains! 

laura xxx