So I got my results,  post radical Hysterectomy, the cancer has gone but 2 of the removed lymph nodes were positive so I have to have radiotherapy and maybe chemo, feel gutted, good news but it always seems to have a but attatched. So after a good cry I am gonna have to pick myself up and dust myself of ready for the next part of my treatment, damn this cancer.

Oh Emma, I’m so sorry you’ve got another hurdle to go. Must be hard to hear when you’re recovering from the op still.

You’ve got so far already, just one more step to mop up the nasties and you’ll be well on your way! You can do this! And if you feel like you can’t…we’re all here for you :slight_smile:

Take good care of yourself xx

Hi Emma,
So sorry to hear your news.
Sending you through a big hug and lots of love,

Stargazing x

Hi Emma,

I'm gutted for you. You are just ahead of me, I am awaiting surgery date for rad hist. and I have read your posts along the way. I am sure you were upset. I am ignoring the possibility of further teatment after the hist. on the basis of crossing one bridge at a time but it is in the back of my mind. You are probabaly feeling rough enough after your surgery and so are not taking the news as robustly as you might have otherwise. I found when I was first diagnosed that the whole thing, while not a barrel of laughs, was a more managable thought after a  day or two. Maybe just go easy on yourself and and wait for a little time to do its magic and ease the shock. You have no doubt started getting stronger already after your surgery and you will continue to and you WILL WILL WILL be able to do the rest to erradicate those last cells. A few more hoops and you will be home and dry! I'll be thinking of you. Maria

Hi Emma

I'm so sorry to read this and sending you positive thoughts and hugs.  Positive is that they got it all out and this is a belts and braces approach.  i know if you've come this far you can deal with this.

I get my histology results on Thursday and am feeling nervous about the whole thing too.



So met with the consultant , my tumour was actually 4.5 centimetres in size (aaahhhhh), the surgeon got clear margins the whole way round it  when he removed it.  He removed 28 Lymph Nodes only two were infected, he said that they were only just showing cancer cells,  smaller than a miniscule (his words) he said that they ummed and aahh about what to do next, he said that I am all clear but he wants me to have radiotherapy for peace of mind. So I am cancer free.......

He said that I have been so so lucky as the tumour was large and it is unusual that more nodes werent included basically he said my body fought it off in an amazing way, maybe I can trust my body again. I am meeting the oncologist on monday. 

The consultant laughed and handed me a prescription for HRT he said  think you need it hahaha x

Sorry you havbe to have more treatment, seems to cruel :(

Sounds like your body is actually super efficient and was already kicking the cancer, so be proud!

Wishing you all the best for the next treatment, at least you will have no doubt or worry then you've finished that. The cancer will be smashed to bits. Good.

Love, Lisa x

Hi Emma,

I'm so sorry that this as happened. Again you must be going through such a range of emotions. I think if there is microscopic lymph node involvement  then you may be spared brachytherapy and chemo and radio may be all that's needed. Obviously it would be better if your treatment was finished now! This disease is so cruel. Keeps strong. Sending you lot of hugs. Take care. Xxx 


hi emma my tumour was also just over 4 cm and had gone to two lymph nodes, i had radio/chemo for me the radio was tough but i just got the all clear on monday so stay strong and positive, you can do this :)

Sorry to read your news Emma. Good to hear that your team is taking such thorough care of you though.

Best of luck x

Hiya. I had my radical hysterectomy just on 4th and went to see the consultant today. He took 27 lymph nodes and just one had a miniscule bit of cancer on it. Sounded like he was saying wait and see what happens with 3 monthly checkups, but I have an appointment with the oncologist next week to discuss further treatment options. Don't know I can face more treatment just yet. I feel like I need more recovery time. Emma, you sound very strong. You can do this and come out on top. X