My results are in.....

Hi ladies! Just thought I would share with you all my brilliant news! As most of you know I have advanced cancer and I had the worst time ever with treatment but I’ve had my follow up scan today and I’m more than happy to say that the cancer has been beaten! I’m not clear of cancer there is still traces in my cervic BUT it’s stopped growing and is basically dormant and can barely been seen!!!

So going from a huge tumour and I mean huge to just traces is absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t of gotten through it all without you lot your advice, kind words and just being there to read my rants. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart I really do.

So to the ladies who are still battling if I can do it so can you. This is only the beginning and not the end! Remember that!


Oh carmel that is amazing news. I'm so happy for you. 

Hope you don't mind me asking a couple of questions. 

What happens now for you? Do you need any treatment on the traces? 

Also how do they know it's dormant?  What tests did you have? I'm presuming you had an mri scan - did they take a biopsy too? Sorry to ask, I'm just wondering what to expect at my follow up x 

Honestly carmel, I am so happy for you,  you gave been through so much and deserve this good - no - great news x x 

So happy for you Carmel this is such wonderful news. I wish you all the very best and thank you for being there for me on many occasions you certainly give me hope.

Mel xx

Brilliant news Carmel x

Carmel that is fantastic i am so pleased for you I think i will do a cartwheel lol I bet you were a nervous wreck waiting on the results but it was worth waiting for. I wish you a full recovery. Lots of hugs xxx

How lovely to hear such positive news! You hear a lot of doom and gloom at times and nice to hear brilliant news. Really happy for you and keep staying positive.

Sophie xx

Hi hun. I don't know how they've decided that it's dormant I think it's something to do with where it is and that it hasn't changed in shape or size I'm not 100%. I had a pet scan and a mri scan but I've heard that some people don't have follow up scans so I would check with your doctor 1st.

My treatment has ended and it's just check ups now I've got to go back in 3 months and go from there basically...I'm hoping if it's still all good I can get a hysterectomy as I've no use for it now I'm infertile as I haven't had a period in over a year and I hope it takes away any worry I may get later on.

Ask me anything I don't mind xx and thank you 

Thank you ladies....yes I've been a reck! I was shaking when she came in but I was so happy when she said and she was happy for me.

Unfortunately the battle may of ended but now it's time to put right the damage it caused so part two is now starting! The cancer cased a hole in my bladder so now I can get that sorted yay! Xx

Thanks carmel,  you are brilliant  x you've given me a great insight into everything that goes on. 

I hope you can get a hysterectomy - I'd want one too but I thought they don't do them after treatment - something about scar tissue? It would be good to be rid of any worries down there though.


I hope you are going to have a good celebratory weekend with your gorgeous nieces 

You deserve it x x x x

Oh Carmel I am utterly thrilled for you! Many congratulations! Tears in my eyes!

I was going to ask all the same questions as Philleepa so I don't have to now :-) I guess they know it's dormant because no take-up was evident in the PET scan? Glad to know that surgery is still a fall-back for you if absolutely necessary but brilliant that the focus now changes to repairing your bladder.


That is brilliant news....big congrats to you Carmel x

Congratulations, Carmel!! Hopeful that you can get rid of that dormant good for nothing tumour of yours!

So so pleased for you Carmel. You deserve a break and some fantastic news. Take great care x

Fantastic news Carmel xxx

I am so happy for you!!

This news made me smile & gives all of us hope that we will get the same in the future. 

Take care & start re-enjoying life.



That's amazing news Carmel, I'm so pleased for you!!!  Xxx 

Haven't been on here for a while but just saw your post and had to comment....CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so so pleased for you xxx

Congratulations Carmel!! You must feel a weight has lifted off. Delighted for you xxx

I have just burst out into tears reading this news!!

i am so so happy for you, take back your life now!!

absolutely made up for you xxxxx

Wonderful news Carmel Delighted for you. Keep those positive thoughts as you go forward to your next treatment.

lots of love xxxx

That's amazing news so pleased for you. Big hugs for being so brave and you will be inspiration for others. Xx