I'm slightly confused with my colposcopy punch biopsy results!

So I had my first smear 03/08 (Age 24) which came back a week later as borderline abnormal with high risk hpv.

I was then referred to the nhs for a colposcopy 13/08. Once there the nurse said that she could see the hpv present as I had a raised lesion at the top of my cervical opening and white areas when she applied the solution. She herself said in her opinion it looks like cin1 going into cin2 (worrying at this point) she took one biopsy of the raised lesion. No other biopsys were needed as she said she had a good sample.

Waiting really is the worst part!! Especially after a medically trained person that specialises in that field has said it's cin...thats all I kept in my head.. 

Anyway! I just couldn't wait 4 to 6 weeks for my results so I rang the hospital on the off chance they would have come back in a week..i was then told the results are referred to the specialist (is this normal?)  but she's on annual leave until next monday..but checked to see if she could find results.. She then came back and told me that there wasn't any cin or cgin present Or anything of concern and that once the specialist is back I will receive a letter. Obviously This is amazing news! But what was seen and said in my colposcopy just won't leave the back of my mind. Is there any chance she missed something focusing more on the raised lesion rather than taking multiples? 

Has anyone had anything similar? I would really love to hear if you have x

Hi there is absolutely nothing worse than the worry of waiting and wanting answers is there? If the Nurse over the phone has told you no CIN then take that as good news. They read the same notes as the specialist. As for raised area it is likely you may have a cervical erosion or ectroption as they call them these days. They are harmless lesions on your cervix which can present symptoms such as irregular bleeding and discharge. They tend to go away on their own but you can have cold coagulation treatment. If it is that they will offer you that treatment. There's a hormonal thing and I've had them for years. they come and go And no link to abnormal cells. However, keep pestering them for results in the next few weeks as that's only speaking from my own experience and best to get a thorough explanation from the hospital. Good luck x

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I know the waiting really is the most difficult thing! It's horrible!!

I am so happy that the woman on the phone said there's nothing of concern and no cin or cgin present but I'm so confused as there were white bits and the nurse performing it said cin 1 cin2 the biopsy of the raised lump she said it was a hpv wart on my cervix (don't suffer from them anywhere else?) I'm just so scared that the biopsy has missed something because she didn't take any boipsys of the white lesions around the cervix. 

I guess I will have to wait until the speciallist comes back off holiday to get the letter I'm just hoping they don't want to get me back to do another colposcopy as I had a really difficult time the 1st time. 

Hopefully the letter confirms good news!!