Advice on Colposcopy Results

Hi, Im new to this site and was after a little advice.

Im 26 and had my first smear test in January, around 2 weeks ago I got the results back which showed I had Borderline Changes and High Risk HPV, I was asked to call and book an appointment to have a Colposcopy, which I had done last Wednesday. During the Procedure the Doctor diagnosed me with CIN2 and took 2 punch Biopsies, he said that I would have my results back in a few weeks. Im a little confused reading other posts on here, it appears that others were offered treatment during the Colposcopy as soon as they were diagnosed with CIN2, I.e LLETZ. Does this mean that I may not have to have treatment at all or that the Grade 2 CIN doesnt need treatment? I feel  a bit silly now, as I was so perplexed by the situation that I didnt ask more questions!






It will be because your smear only showed borderline. He wants to make absolutely sure via biopsy that his findings are correct, before giving you treatment that may not be required. If these also confirm CIN2 you will be offered treatment.

Hope this helps.



I had my smear last year which came back as borderline with HPV. I went for colposcopy and the lady told me she thinks it would be CIN 1 or 2 and would take biopsies to make sure, and thought it would come back that I need treatment.

I had my results two weeks ago and it came back as CIN 1 and that I dont need treatment just another smear and colposcopy in 12 months.

They have basically taken the biopsies as it doesn't look bad enough to treat there and then so they are making sure you need treatment before they do anything. If it's CIN 2 as above Erika stated above you will be offered treatment, if CIN 1 its likely you wont as these cells often go back to normal by themselves.



Thank you both for taking the time to answer my silly questions, quite relieved now! x