Hi everyone,
I have posted on here once before and I have a question that I need help or advice with just to put my mind at rest.
I had the results of my smear to say that I have severe abnormalities (high grade) and I was booked in to have a colposcopy a week later. When I got there the nurse explained to me that the results showed the cells were growing too quickly…
She did the colposcopy and said she can see the “area” and she did LLTEZ treatment there and then. She also took a biopsy and said I would get the results back within 4 weeks.
My question is why would the cells be growing too quickly? Does that mean I have lesions, could it be a tumor that shes seen? If not then what else could it be?
Has anyone else had this?
Thank you for reading xxxxxx


I would imagine as she could see clearly it was high grade that's why she treated you there & then.

The waiting game is the hardest , I had my Lletzs treatment & biopsy's 2 weeks ago and I had call from hospital on Friday to come in for consultant appointment this coming Thu (scared)

Jusr come out of hospital today after being admitted Sat with constant bleeding & large clots (to the point no sanitary towel would hold for more than 15 mins)

This forum is a god send , to be able to speak to others going through the same things is invaluable.

If it's been 4 weeks I would get in touch to see if they have any results for you !

Hoping you hear soon with good news xx

Hi Confetti72 thank you for your message. It has been a huge help speaking to others going through the same thing that understand what its like.

Oh no it sounds like youve had a terrible time with it all! I hope your feeling better now after the weekend?

I called the clinic yesterday and she was able to tell me the results, thankfully. CIN 3 was found and precancerous cells. As i had the lltez treatment she said the abnormal area was all removed so i just need to have my check up smear in 4 months. Sp really, really good news!

I hope you get good news too, the waiting and wondering really is the worst part.

Big hug xx