Had a colposcopy 29th nov. Awaiting the results

Hi, i had a smear test in july and the results came back normal. They didnt get enough sample though so i had to go back a few months later for another smear. This was 9th nov, results said abnormal cells and i needed a colposcopy, he said he removed the cells and sent them for testing. Why does it take so long for the results, im in a dark place at the moment. I went to my doctors on friday i was that scared. Ive already decided that of the cells come back high im going to have my womb taken out. 

Hi Jayne


Hopefully i can reassure you


I had my first smear in September, got told results would take 6 weeks plus as back loged, i though brill have my hol end of october so results will be after then. 


Came backt o letter after holiday saying abnoirmal cells. colposcopy booked for the 1st nov. Attended that appt, had LLETZ for CIN3 and biopsies taken. 2 weeks after colposcopy i got an appt for the following thursday for consultant visit. I automatically knew this meant they had "some" news to tell me, wether that was more cells to have LLETZ or because of the dreaded C word.....But thats what i had set myself up for. 


GOt to my appt, they sat me down and told me results were cancer had been found....but it was a tiny amount, and confident they have got it all. CIN 3 still present as CIN margins not clear, so repeat LLETZ next thursday, so my news wasnt good but it wasnt terrible either. Hopefgully for you it is just a letter saying biopsies confirm your margin clear and repeat smear in 6 months. No news is usually good news especially where biopsy results are concerned. Anything bad they will be in touch pretty quickly. If they cant keep my cells under control and CIN keeps coming back i can opt for a hysterectomy in the future but still a bit away from that at the minute. Its a major op

Im just so scared, i cant relax. I keep thinking the worst. I had me smear on the 9th nov, my letter came not long after and then on 29th i had the cells taken away. It just seems ages to wait and its just all happened before my youngest birthday and christmas. I also got a urine infection too after i had it done!. Thank you for replying. When you got your letter back from your smear did it say what sort of cells they were? Mine just said abnormal. Hope everything goes ok for you x

MINE just said abnormal too, when I got to my colonoscopy, she sat me down, said severely abnormal and I would need treatment there and then if it was possible. So she performed lletz right away, took biopsies and told me results would be 2-3 weeks...and my appt came through, didn’t say what was found or anythin just that I needed to see consultant. like you I was so scared and spent every minute lookin on here/facebook groups etc...when he told me it was cancer but they were confident I didn’t know how to react and I sobbed Lol...mixture of relief and fewr I think....still scared now but will hopefully be calmed at next lletz next Thursday xxx

Yeah they took the cells away at my appointment last weds, its awful all this waiting. Let me know how it goes on Thursday x

Hi Jayne, My results from colposcopy took a while too, I phoned my doctors at the 4 weeks mark and got my letter delivered no more than an hour after I called by our lovely postman who was late.

The reason my results took a while is that they had to take it to MDT, this might be the case for you but don't worry yourself about it.

Hi, ive had the LLETZ last wednesday, he asked if i wanted treatment there and then if it was needed so i said yes. So its the results from that. Im confuded what all the things mean, like the CIN2 and high grade, what does that mean? Plus what the MDT? Im just eager to know and what if any treatment is needed! 

July 17- smear normal results

9th nov- abnormal cells

29th nov- LLETZ done, waiting for the results.

I’m still waiting for my results. It’s been 5wks and I don’t know who to contact. My go has said it’s the hospital I need to be dealing with but I can’t seem to get through too any one at the hospital to talk too. I’m at my wits end as they said it was CIN2/3 and now I don’t know what to think. Has anyone else been in this sit xx

Did your letter from the hospital have a number on, mine has and the leaflet they gave me after does too xx

Well ive had my results, after all the worrying its cin low grade, just to wait for a letter with the follow  up treatment now, hope everyone else gets good results. Merry christmas everyone xx