results back!!!

hi everyone I had colp with biopsies taken on 2nd Sept had my results back today cin3 got to have Lletz under local I'm so scared as I hate needles can anyone tell me what's it like and their experiences of having it done in a total nervous wreck about it my partners so supportive and great hes my rock but doesn't understand how I'm feeling thanks Kelly xxxxx

Nothing to worry about honey! I was uncomfortable with the speculum as it felt massive but you've already had that, I didn't even feel the needle or the treatment! Don't worry x


I asked to have my lletz under GA, and my consultant agreed, having seen how nervous I was about the colposcopy. I was glad I had. That said, recovery is longer if you have an anesthetic. My consultant thinks he excised the lot, I don't think he'd have managed that if I had been awake.

hugs, Molly xxx

I was a tearful nervous mess. The speculum was by far the worst bit really stung until she stopped fiddling, the injections I didn't feel and then the treatment I did either. The local sent me a bit do lalley with being so anxious so that helped I think x

Hello, does anyone know what these results mean after lletz for cin 3.

abnormal vessels, extension into crypts present? 

thank you xxx