Colposcopy Results

I had my colscopy yesterday, never felt so sick waiting for my name to be called, stated crying right from the go! the consultant was so lovely and calming couldnt of asked for better. The nurses were also lovely and one held my hand throughout. I had to have two biopsies taken and then he told me that he wouldnt be treating me there and then and said once I was dressed he would explain why.

I have half my cervix covered in CIN 3 and to much to treat under local so wants to do under general as will be better for me, will be removing some CIN3 and then use a laser ro burn off rest, said he’s hopeful that it is not cancerous but obviously but cant commit until gets the results.

Now I am waiting for an operation date and biopsy results … approx 4 weeks, hate waiting makes things worse.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for everyone going through the same, and want to thank you all for your time to reply to my posts, although im still very emotional I feel some calm reading all of your experiances.

Life is set to try us in so many ways and to feel supported and to give support is so important… Much love everyone xxx

Hi :) My situation was similar to yours

Firstly, try not to worry or think about it too much. I coped with the wait by telling myself it's been caught early, and it is what it is. Stress only hamrs the body.

I had CIN3 on 3 areas of my cervix, and had LLETZ under GA too. I only had to wait 2 weeks for my surgery. I was told it might be about 4 weeks wait but I got the letter pretty quickly. From smear test to the cell removal was under a month! 

I got my LLETZ results yesterday and all CIN3 was removed, and nothing else found. Thank God!

Whatever you have it has been found early and they will watch you closely from now on. 

Good luck and all the best xx

Thank you, Have been trying really hard to keep myself busy and it off my mind, really hoping that my date for comes really soon.

So glad that you got the all clear you must be really releived... thank you for your comments means a lot.