Post colposcopy and lletz

Hi there

New on here as far as writing, but I have read loads. I had my colposcopy today and lletz for cin3. Like others the waiting was horrible, had to wait 4 weeks for it and while I can't say the procedure was painful the process was undignified and the staff seemed oblivious to this. Do I really want to discuss what I do for work while my legs are up in the air and three people are looking up my nether regions.

They said that any area which turned white showed cin, as I shone like a neon beacon I asked if this was a large area - the answer was erm, yes, maybe, I've seen bigger. Such reassurance.

I agree that post lletz advice must differ greatly by region, as mine is different to what I've read on here. Leaflet provided is 2 week recovery.

So now for the 4-6 week wait for biopsy results.

I'm sure everything is standard practise and statistics are high in my favour for no issues, but the waiting sucks.

Slight discomfort this evening, more emotionally exhausted.

Great site here and wish everyone luck.

Sorry for moaning!

Hiya im now one week after my Lletz Im sure the ma on tempo could see my cervix light up white lol! 

I had mine under GA as yhe consultant said I would find it painful under la as the are was large (the whole of my cervix was white)

i had biopsies say CIN3 so it tallied in with my smear results however iv scared myself reading things and some have said even after their smear and bio then having lletz

its came back CC I shouldn't read up on it and I always say to people don't use google! 

Youve came to the right place, I'm still in pain and exhausted I do have an infection so been giving different painkillers and antibiotics 

and yes the waiting sucks big time! and the saying no news is good news just doesn't work with me lol! I'm a born worrier 

but using this site has been an absolute god send to me. 



Hi I had my Lletz done today under ga said all

was fine and was cin3 said they

took a fair amount away and was funny shaped but she said most were . Am in a bit of pain resting in bed and will be tomorrow to help the healing ! I must say everyone at my hospital was

lovely ! I am a born worrier but for some reason today I was very calm I am

not going to get myself worked up over waiting for the

results just concentrate on getting better for my sons next heart op xx

Did your consultant come speak to you after? Mine didint I was literally kept in for two hours to make sure I was fed and watered basically then they let me go

iv no idea what they took or how much think I'll give the clinic a call tomorrow xx

Hi lovely yep they all

come round after told me how it all went said it was cin3 and not cancer and now have to wait for 6weeks to find out results and Deffo give your hospital a ring xx

Hi thanks girls for your reresponses no, no one spoke to me after.  They probably thought I wasn't every chatty since I wouldn't chat while they were all looking up my lady bits.

I know how you feel my nurse holding my hand was admiring my arm ink and kept asking me questions about it and I couldn't speak my sister

spoke for me I just kept saying can you get him away from me please I don't think I wasn't him looking in there anymore lol! I'm going to give my clinic a call tomorrow defiantly 



Hi nicola


did you give your clinic a call - how did you get on?

Today i have had a lot of cramping and my stomach is so bloated I look pregnant.


Hi Susan the bloating will go away eventually hun xx


yes I called them the nurse came on the line and said the consultant wouldn't know what he took away

or the size etc until the lab report is back, how's the pain? Xxx

Pain is just uncomfortable.  Going to have a nice lazy evening.  Am having cuddles with my little boy just now (he's 2 1/2 ) so that always makes me feel good.

Keep smiling x

Rest as much as you possibly can best advice I can give you 

cuddes with the little ones always make me smile and feel better

iv three children youngest is 9 months oldest is coming up to 5 xxx

Hi ladies, this topic is exactly what I was going to post.

1 week exactly after my loop biopsy and my "discharge" has gotten heavier, sorry TMI but i've been wearing a panty liner but still feel like

I'm peeing myself and waking up in the morning with wet pjs - feel so disgusting and embarrassed with my body and how its acting

just wish the wait for results was here and that this bit was over .. my body starting showing signs that my period was on its way

so that'll be fun as the nurse told me to expect a heavy one after having the treatment.. again TMI but after I've been for a pee

I'm getting black scab like / dried blood on my loo roll .. is all of this normal?

When I ring my hospital I can never get to speak to anyone :(

Im almost 4 weeks after my letz treatment and ive had the heavy period like blood and even had black discharge but now mine is like a beige/yellowy brown discharge that smells a little like cats wee and im worried that I may have infection. But I have no trust in my gp as not only did she hurt me and bent my coil when putting it in but when I went for my check up after having a trauma birth with my daughter she didnt know who she was ment to be checking as well as the fact she didnt check my ladys area at all . also I havent heard anything yet from my biopsy s that were taken any ideas on how long it should take.

Ps it sometimes stings alittle when I go for a wee  as well as sometimes I get the need to go but only a small trickle passes.