LLETZ Results - Good news!

Hi all, 

Just thought I'd update as an encouragement to others. 
My biopsy last month showed CIN 3 cells. 
Had LLETZ done 2 weeks ago and got a call with the results, that nothing worse than CIN 3 was found and they believe they successfully treated it all. So relieved. Been discharged and will have a follow up smear in February. 

Keep strong everyone ?

That's wonderful news x

Amazing news hun.

I have my Lletz tomorrow morning. How did you feel with having yours?


I was very nervous, but the nurses were so lovely. 
The anaesthetic was quite painful, but couldn't feel a thing then. 

hope yours goes fine xx 

So so glad for you! I hope it never comes back! And I feel encouraged - I have my colposcopy next week so I have everything crossed (bar my legs)! So thank you for sharing your good news!

good to hear positive news! My biopsy confirmed CIN2 but I'm really worried when I have the lletz it will come back higher