Results and history

Hi all. I am Mena from the UK

About a month ago I had my smear which came back showing HPV found (HPV positive) and abnormal cells. Was referred for colposcopy which couldn’t be done under LA safety due to bleeding and spread of the cells. I don’t have any concerns with bleeding or spotting between periods.

I had LLETZ under general last Wednesday so was I was asleep 20 minutes before getting back into the ward.

The surgeon came back and no word of a lie said ‘it might be to late for you as I think the cells are cancerous’ before accepting a phone call and leaving me. When he came back he said I’d like to be wrong but I am looking at this from experience’

Think I was in shock really as the lady in the bed next to me came over and supported me as she couldn’t believe the way I had been told. Very grateful as ended up crying in her arms!

Today I’ve had two letters for an appointment for this Monday and the following. Phoned up to check when I was meant to attended. Ask what the appt was for and the lady said to discuss your results.

To say my heart is pound and that my whole body now feels anxious is an understatement.

Just needed to write this down really so I don’t end up crying into a mess.

Thanks for reading

I am so sorry to hear that, what the doctor said to you is awful and so tactless. Especially when you have just come round from GA.

Sending prayers and thoughts your way stay strong you’ve got this and hopefully if it is anything serious it was very early and they got it all xx

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I am so sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience…Do you have any updates? I hope all well with you. Sending you lots of hugs. Xx

Hi @Ellie45

Thank you for taking the time to read and care. Been a hell of a ride so far. I kinda have a sec running update thread here x