Biopsy normal confused

Hi, I wonder if anyone has had the same issue as me so I went for a colposcopy on the 18th of July I got told at the time of the examination there was abnormal cells and potential HPV. So they asked if they could take a punch biopsy to which I agreed. Fast forward to now I got my results but they said everything is normal no hpv found, no abnormal cells found. Been discharged immediately yet the problems I had to make me be referred in the first place still persist. Has anyone ever had a second opinion or when being told normal has everything still been normal or did they get it wrong? So worried I don’t know what to think

Hi. Just wanted to jump on to say I had a similar experience this year. Had bleeding for months. Went to colposcopy, where the doctor said she could see cell changes (and followed that up with a letter confirming) but didn’t do a biopsy, she just did a smear. Smear came back negative for HPV so cells were never tested and I was discharged. My symptoms eventually stopped and then annoyingly have come back recently again. Did you get any further info from your docs?

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I’m the same as you had bleeding for months. Had the biopsy things started to settle & now I’m bleeding constantly again. It’s not even a light bleed either which is annoying. I’m seeing my doctor today hopefully get more of an insight. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to be healthy but I’m just mega confused. Hope you manage to get yourself seen again if your symptoms have come back x

So sorry you’re going through the same thing. It’s really distressing and frustrating. I hope you get some answers and most importantly it calms down! Let me know how you get on

Just thought I’d jump on here with my experience. It’s a little different as I had a smear result that indicated high grade cell changes which is why I was sent to colposcopy.

However when I went the registrar used all the dyes etc, took 3 biopsies and then they came back telling me there was no CIN in any of the biopsies at all

They wanted me to wait 2 months for an MDT meeting to take place to discuss but I essentially said no I’m not happy and pushed for a second appointment.

Had a second colposcopy where a high grade looking area of cells showed up immediately and biopsies did indeed show CIN3.

This is not to worry you at all but they do miss things. I have absolutely no clue how I had all the dyes applied etc and she just missed the cells entirely at the first colposcopy. I don’t know how it’s possible but that happened to me and she said they’d likely discharge me after the MDT meeting. And I had CIN3 all along.

My advice is push push push and don’t stop until you’re satisfied! Don’t let anyone make you feel annoying or demanding. This is so important. Best of luck to you both and I really hope your symptoms get better for you soon. Xx

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You’re right, definitely push. 2 colposcopy examinations (tried unsuccessfully to fit a minera coil at one) 2 smear results ( last one high risk HPV, come back in a year) told “your fine, the bleeding after intercourse is down to your HRT” to find out 3 months later (because I wasn’t happy and pushed) that I had CC with a 5cm tumour in my cervix. Treatment all completed now and apart from a few minor side effects all clear. So yes push, shouldn’t have to go through all the radiotherapy, brachytherapy and chemotherapy and worry if this “slow growing cancer is caught early “