Results from biopsy..confusing

Hi, I’ve received my results of my biopsy which say theres no abnormalities, however the smear suggested a possible glandular abnormality and these results will be discuss un a meeting (without me a week from now) to discuss further treatment. Can anyone help me u derstand what the hell any of this means? Im a little confused as sounds like good news but also a bit contradictory. Im not good at waiting for news and as looking for fertility treatment which is on hold until i know treatment etc.

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Hi Meg34
Sorry you’ve had to go through this I have a similar situation so hoping this is relevant sorry if it isn’t (it’s all very confusing to me still)
I had a endocervical glandular neoplasia smear last year, can I check what biopsy’s they took from you?

I’m not sure if this is relevant to you but My dr last year preformed a colposcopy didn’t see any abnormal cells on my cervix and took a punch biopsy of the womb which came back normal and he returned me to a three year recall. This was incorrect of him to do and he is now under investigation. The government protocol

Implies punch biopsy should not be used for this. So just wanted to check you had right things done not to alarm you.

I had a phone call this year as I was picked up by their failsafe procedures and brought back in within the week I had another smear and lletz done. Luckily my smear now just shows hpv positive no abnormal cells and my lletz was also clear. It all very confusing as I think they are suggesting my body has fought it off but I’m worried it’s just been missed as I’m still hpv positive. Does anyone know where hpv starts first would cgin begin at the entrance of cervix and work it’s way backwards up the cervix or can it start a lot further up?

I too am now waiting to see what the mdt meeting decides my future treatment to be. I believe this could mean as little as just waiting 6 months for another smear but who knows.

Hope your ok, if you don’t mind sharing please let me know what they suggest for you when you find out xx

Hi, thanks for your response, they found some white cells and took a biopsy during my colposcopy, im unclear on the procedure they’ve used as at the time it wasn’t explained to me and now reading online theres different ways of removing the cells.

Feeling very uninformed at the moment which is most frustrating thing.

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Hi meg34 yes I felt that way too my first dr hardly said a word to me and I was in and out, I’ve only found out so much info from my nhs app (covid one) as my new dr sent a letter to gp explaining what she had done and why. Plus the new dr explained abit more to me due to the circumstances.

If they haven’t done lletz that may be your next thing to do? You could try speak to your gp or ring colposcopy clinic and ask for more clarification on what glandular cells were (exact name) and what biopsy’s were done. And write down any questions you have so your prepared. But they may just say wait to see on the meeting.

I hope you get some answers soon, you are within your rights to ask for your hospital records too. This is my next step once my mdt have decided. Your not alone though if you ever need to vent or talk to someone let me know x

Oh forgot to ask if they know about your fertility treatment as this may also determine what they choose next for you. X


This happened to me—multiple biopsies came back clear but ended up diagnosed with endocervical Adenocarcinoma. They have to keep trying with this one as it’s much easier to miss than SCC.

Hi lovewinz
I’m glad they kept checking you sounds like you’ve been through a lot I hope you’re okie. Can I ask I’ve your smears if you had more always showed abnormal cells x