Results after hysterectomy

Hi its been 2 weeks since my hysterectomy for cc for squamous cells. Before the op my consultant was highly confident that this would be the end of it. I spoke to my nurse today my results are back and she wouldn’t tell me anything over the phone or couldn’t but I’m being discussed in an MDT meeting on friday and they are seeing me monday. Would they have an MDT meeting if my results had all come back clear? I’m all for positive thinking but the last time they got me in thid quick was for my diagnosis.

Hi Laalaa,

I was told that everything goes to the MDT meetings. Results aren't left to one person to decide on how to move forward and always get discussed as a team. Which is great for us but I understand how frustrating it is having to wait that bit longer. 

Hope it all works out for you.

Love Cara xxxxx

How worrying for you. I have no idea whether this is indicative of a problem. I had an appointment with my consultant one week after my op where she told me my results were clear, but I had private health insurance and get the impression this meant I got my results more quickly than I would have done on the NHS.

I hope it turns out that everything is clear. Take care.

Thank you. I thought i would be fine waiting for this appointment as i was so confident that it was all over withbut now I've got it I'm back into panic mode. 

Hi Laalaa :-)

Just wanted to send you hugs to get through the next few scary days. Here's hoping everything is just fine and you can start to move on.


Be lucky :-)

Hi hon

hopefully its just red tape and protocol stuff. Try not to worry to much about it. Stay dissracted mentally by reading or doing puzzles. Fingers crossed everything will be done with!!



I saw my consultant this Tuesday past after my radical hysterectomy and got told it's all away. Not in lymph nodes and no more treatment needed. They had the results last week and I was discussed at the MDT meeting last week so I think it's just part of the protocol. Sending you lots of love and best wishes xxxx

Tanya xxxx

Thank you that really puts my mind at rest x