Got some good news

Been a while since I posted on here so thought I would update everyone. I'm now 2 weeks post-op from my radical hysterectomy and feeling really good, better than I ever thought I would in fact. I had a minor blip with a urine infection that then travelled up to my kidney due to the catheter but now I'm on the right antibiotics it's clearing.


Got a phone call yesterday from my CNS to tell me that my lymph nodes were clear and no further treatment is required. I am so, so relieved and can now concentrate on recovering fully and a worry free Christmas.


To everyone who has ever responded to any of my posts, thank you so much for all of your support. This site has really helped get me through the most traumatic experience of my life.


Good luck to everyone on their journey.


J xxxxx

Fb news!!!

really pleased for u. Now take it easy over the coming weeks and make sure u mend properly xxx



Great to hear your fab news

Best wishes with your continued recovery

Kath x

So happy for, especially as I'm waiting for my surery date for radical hysterectomy too! All the best xxx

Hope you get your date soon and good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask xx

So happy for you that is great news. I am 3 weeks today post-op & feel good. I have my check-up appointment tomorrow where I will get my histology results - very nervous x

good luck today Laura. I know how nervous u must feel xxx


Good luck Laura! Will have my fingers crossed for you. I have an appointment with the consultant on thurs to discuss it all, i still feel nervous and sick even though I know I’m all clear! Xx

kath i was just noticing that you seem to be similar to me - stage 1b2 with lymph nodes clear but lvsi present? are you doing ok now? i cant make up my mind wether to have further treatment on top of my radical hysterectomy or not!