Results updated

Hi ladies,

An update on my results following my radial hysterectomy.  I went to see my oncologist. In line with what my consultant said, the histology report from my rad hyst showed microscopic cancer cells in the nodes in the surrounding tissue (not the pelvic lymph nodes).  2 of these nodes showed cancer cells. All these nodes were removed. Apparently this spread is very rare as usually these little nodes would not be affected on their own, it almost always spreads to the main lymph nodes too. Then the way forward would be chemo radiation without a doubt. So, because mine have been removed and havent spread to the main lymph nodes I have the choice of further treatment (chemoradiation) or no further treatment. Because this situation is very rare they have very little statistics to work on. So the side affects from further treatment may outweigh any benefit of the treatment.  It would only increase my percentage chance of a cure by a tiny percentage from where I am now.  My oncologist was happy to give me further treatment if I wanted but also I don't have to have it as again they don't really know for sure if it wil benefit me. So I've decided not to put myself through it. 


I'm so happy that I don't need further treatment. Ive been so worried that I'd have to go through that.  My rad hyst was nearly 4 weeks ago and I feel great. A few bumps along the way but it really wasn't as bad as I thought it woud be and my consultant is impressed a how quickly I'm recovering. I really feel now I can move forward. Im going to book a cheeky week in the sun before i go back to work. I want to thank everyone on Jo's that has answered my many questions and supported me through my journey. I couldn't have done if without you. Big hugs to everyone going through this. Xxxx 


glad to hear that you're at the end of this phase.

Go and enjoy your holiday - you deserve it.



Thanks Pat :-). Did you get your date  confirmed? Xx