Reposting - Uncertain of Next Steps

Hi, sorry to post again but I just feel like I have no one to talk to about this as I don’t want to upset friends and family and I’m desperately going out of my mind. I have been experiencing a number of problems recently. I have had spotting inbetween periods since March this year and been in and out of the doctors about it. The last few months I have also experienced leg pain, back pain and genrally feel very lathargic and run down. In my last examination (not appointment though) the Dr said I had ectropion of the cervix which would explain the bleeding I had. It didn’t really put my mind at ease as I still felt this annoying feeling that something more was wrong, especially with the leg pain/dullness getting worse! 


In the 3 appointments since, they have tested me for STDs and taken 3 lots of blood, all fine. Today, I went back in as the pain is worse and the bleeding is heavier and she has examined me again and said that the extopion wasnt symmetrical like it should be (?!) so had referred me to an urgent coloscopy within 2 weeks. 


I had had a normal smear in 2016 (when I was 24) but I don’t think I was tested for HPV after asking them to review my results. The last few weeks I have continuously felt nauseus, had trouble going to the toilet and the bleeding now resembles a medium flow period, for the past 3 days (7 days before it was due) I am going out of my mind, I have a gut wrenching feeling and can’t help but think sometimes you just know? 

The urgent referral wasn’t put through due to an admin error so as of yesterday, the two week wait starts again. I don’t want to leave the house, I don’t want to see people, I’m in total despair. Has anyone got any advice? 

Hi,sorry to read your experience.  Your two week wait shouldn't start again. Once you have had a unique reference number created on e-referral your clock starts. Not sure which hospital you are under but I would be firm with them about that. You can always contact the PALS service at your local hospital and they can help with the referral bit. Your symptoms are similar to some of mine. It's the not knowing that is the worse bit, but try to take each step at a time. That's the only way your get through this. Other wise your be playing the 'what if ' game and will only stress yourself out more. Good luck with your appointment and hope your seen soon.

Hi hun so sorry for everything you are going through at the moment but take a deep breath. As Clarastorm says you have to take one step at a time until you know what you are up against feeling nauseated and ill allthe time could be anxiety which is natural when you don't know what is going on in your own body. What I would say is don't suffer in silence speak to a close friend or your family about how you feel and what is happening you may be surprised at the support you get. Take care x